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'Mnangagwa is worse than Mugabe'

by Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe
09 Sep 2020 at 07:28hrs | Views
Investigative journalist Hopewell Chino'no, has come out in strong support of continuing with exposing corruption even if it includes President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chino'no also said Mnangagwa was the one who was behind his arrest following his corruption exposé on some government officials just over a month ago.

"My arrest was orchestrated by Mnangagwa. During my arrest, some police officers were even telling me that the President is upset that I had tarnished the name of his family even ZANU-PF's national spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa, threatened me at a press conference that I should stop talking bad about the President," said Chino'no.

Moreso, the investigative journalist went on to describe the state of the jail and prison he was in.

"There is no soap there is no water and the prison hospital doesn't have medication there is no Paracetamol it's like a Nazi concentration camp. It's about instilling fear that if you write anything about the government you will be sent to rot in jail," said the investigative journalist.

Moreover, Chino'no also said he wasn't going  to stop at anything from exposing corruption.
"I have been recovering for the past week, I will continue exposing corruption and make sure we just don't expose accusations that are not backed by facts, am simply interested in telling the truth through my journalism.

So many government officials have set up shell companies in places like Namibia, South Africa and Dubai and these companies don't exist like the one in Namibia it's a relative of Mnangagwa.

There was a US$60 million fund that was supposed to buy PPE, a mask that would cost 68 cents was pegged at US$24 so it's meant to appease the boys and girls of Mnangagwa. They were inflating prices when I exposed the looting of public funds that's why they sent me to jail.

Zimbabwe is rich but the citizens are poor simply because the government doesn't care, the looting and plundering of public funds are the ones that have brought the country to its knees. We need to continue speaking against looting.

Nevertheless, if the South African government decides to be definitive it can stop what is happening. The South African government needs to approach the government and let the looting stop.

They have a strong leverage because there are a lot of properties that are being bought by crooked politicians that are in South Africa. We need to put pressure. It's a total disappointment, I thought things were going to be better but Mnangagwa just doesn't care that's why they continue looting and plundering. Mnangagwa is worse than Mugabe," said Chino'no.


Source - Daniel Itai, Harare, Zimbabwe