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Mambo dynasty marks first anniversary

by Staff reporter
20 Sep 2020 at 06:46hrs | Views
THE Mambo dynasty is holding celebrations to mark the first anniversary of the installation of its "King", Michael Moyo.

Moyo was "crowned" on September 7 last year at his home in Mawabeni at a colourful event attended by senior government officials and an estimated 121 chiefs drawn from across the country.

This was despite the government having blocked the coronation of the ndebele King, bulelani Collins Khumalo, which was supposed to take place at barbourfields Stadium in 2018.

In a statement, the Mambo dynasty said the reigning King Mambo dombo Renyika/ litshe Aligiqeki, Mike Moyo, was spiritually chosen by Mwali/Mwari as a great-grand descendant of Mambo Chilisamhulu of the Rozvi/lozwi dynasty.

"Mambo Chilisamhulu's army led by General tumbale bhebe was defeated by Zvangendaba's invading nguni warriors in 1835 in the Solusi area," said the statement.

"The reason for Mambo's defeat was because his general did not follow the divine instructions of Mwali/Mwari the Great Spirit of the nation.

"As a result, Mambo Chilisamhulu had no option, but to commit suicide in 1835 at Manyanga, also known as ntaba Zika Mambo, in (Inyathi) nyathi district.

"This great act of bravery and selfless sacrifice by Mambo was in order to avoid being captured alive, as this would have meant that Zvangendaba's military forces would take possession of his heart and use it for muthi (ritual) purposes in order to permanently defeat the nation.

"before the defeat of General tumbale, Mwali - the Great Spiritual Ancestor of the nation - had warned Mambo Chilasamhulu that if they did not follow the spirit medium's advice and specific instructions, the Kingdom would be defeated, then scattered for a time and at some point in the future Mwali would restore it again."

The Mambo dynasty said time had finally arrived and Mwali/Mwari had resuscitated the seat of the lozwi/Rozvi King with the coronation of the reigning Mambo.

The dynasty said its vision was to reconnect the country to its rich and divine spiritual heritage which had long been abandoned due to colonisation and defeat by outside invaders.

It also seeks to observe national traditional and cultural events to address the many challenges faced by Zimbabwe is failing rainfall, poor agricultural yields, prevalence of public corruption, diseases, unemployment as well as the failure to cleanse the nation of the aggrieved spirits of many who died in countless pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial conflicts.

Source - the standard