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Mambo Dhuterere reveals soft spot for needy people

by Staff reporter
20 Sep 2020 at 06:50hrs | Views
Darlington Mutseta, aka Mambo Dhuterere, says one unique aspect about his music (which he also labels Dhuterere) is that it addresses the challenges of mainly the poor.

Speaking on the sidelines of a video shoot for his fourth and latest album titled Zvinodzimba ngoni, the gospel poet said poverty was a unifying factor among people of the africa race and "chances are that even the rich have at one time passed through the College of Poverty".

"So, when i sing about financial, social and other problems, i know for a fact that i have touched a soft spot on the breadth of my fan base. nyangwe Mambo Dhuterere havasati vakuwanawo, he also belongs to that class of the havenots," he said.

"I live with the people and i hear their stories. i have come to a conclusion that most of them have a humble background and my desire is to remind them that god has a mission to fulfil as regards their situation. Some day they will look back and testify that the god they serve is one of wonders."

The Dare guru hit-maker is in the process of shooting videos to support his latest release which has the potential to fare better than his three other albums - tsamba, Dhuterere and Dare guru.

Dhuterere, like rain out of thunder, stormed onto the gospel music scene and instantly hit a white patch as many welcomed his unique acapella music which he fuses with dosages of hard-hitting, raw poetry.

Oftentimes, he plucks characters from the Bible whom he uses as examples in his songs, the likes of David, Sarah, Job and Samuel. and on a couple of occasions, he uses traditional instruments such as marimba to bring out a cultural feel to his music.

He said going forward, he will not focus much on collaborations as this consumes too much time during which he has to go out of his way to reach the same level with the co-musician in the project. Previously, he has roped in the likes of Seh Calaz ad trymore Bande.

"For the moment i'm going to continue releasing five-track albums, paying particular attention to quality as opposed to quantity. i believe in perfecting my lyrics such that it becomes less strenuous for the listener to grasp the message.

The voice leads and the backtrack pops out of the background the Dhuterere way," said the gospel crooner.

The new album - which carries tracks Kurira Mukundi, Zvino nyadzisa, ndabvunza Emmanuel, ndinzwe Mambo and Kubata Basa - has managed to enjoy substantial airplay and Mutseta says he has also embraced social media to reach out to followers.

He said with the easing of lockdown restrictions, he will be ready to take to the stage whenever he gets the chance to be called to perform, but promoters ought to understand that he leads a big ensemble, hence the need to ensure all of them are accommodated and catered for.

Source - the standard