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Illegal Indian immigrants takes over Zimbabwe's borehole drilling industry

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Sep 2020 at 20:32hrs | Views
A group of illegal indian borehole drillers met in Harare today to strategise on how they can take over the entire country and share it among themselves.

The illegal immigrants are drilling boreholes at half price because they do not pay tax, they do not pay NSSA's mandatory 1% and do not contribute to Zimdef.

Some of the Indians' rigs are not registered and they are using Temporary Import Permits for the vehicles.

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission needs to investigate these Indians as they are working with people from the country's immigration department to avoid deportation.

Zimbabwe has over 15 local borehole drillers who have the capacity to service the entire country and meet demand. The Indians are violating competition and Tarrif laws among several other laws including immigration.

The onus is upon the local borehole drilling companies to come together and create an Apex body which will represent them and defend their territory.

It is alleged that these illegal drillers are remiting their money to India every month, at a time when Zimbabwe desperately needs foreign currency.

A source who works closely with the Indians revealed that "On average each rig's revenue is estimated at $40 000USD. This means one company with 2 rigs will have an average of $100 000usd revenue a month and no tax, their profit margins are very huge. Their model prejudices the state of the much needed revenue.

These Indians are bringing their own drillers yet we have skilled drillers here, others bring Zambians as their employees prejudicing our people of the much needed jobs."

Source - Byo24News