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Mass demonstration for deportation of foreigners in South Africa set for 16 October

by Mandla Ndlovu
28 Sep 2020 at 15:15hrs | Views
A certain section of South Africans under the banner of #PutSouthAfricansFirst will stage a demonstration in Pretoria calling for the immediate deportation of foreigners from the Southern neighbouring country and the cancellation of special visa permits for Zimbabwe and Lesotho citizens.

According to a flyer circulated by the organization, South Africa national Defense Forces must conduct daily raids to deport illegal immigrants who are taking jobs of South Africans.

Read their demands below:


1. Border Security & Reduction of land points of entry into South Africa.

2. Deployment of 50 000 SANDF soldiers to stop illegal immigrants

3. immediate deportation of ALL illegal immigrants at cost of sending Country.

4. SANDF should conduct daily raids and deportations of illegal immigrants. No costly Court & Lindela systems. We want immediate deportation.

5. immediate cancellation of ALL special visas including those of Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

6. Stop issuing work permits to immigrants whilst South Africans are unemployed.

7. Law enforcement in respect of:-

a. Stop employment of immigrants with no special skills in jobs which South Africans can do. It is unacceptable that millions of immigrants are employed whilst millions of South Africans are seating in
the townships stressed, depressed and suicidal due to unemployment.

b. Reserve certain jobs for ONLY South Africans including those of truck drivers, security guards, teachers, nurses, doctors, police, government workers, SOE workers, political office bearers,

c. Stop immigrants from operating smail businesses valued below R15 million in our country most especially spaza shops, hawking, hair saloons, taverns, shebeens, nightclubs, mechanics, used car parts, dstv installations, artisans, etc.

8. Open of refugee camps away from our cities and towns and clean our dirty cities and towns ravaged by immigrants and poor govemance.

9. Stop immigrants from receiving social grants and staying in RDP houses

10. Stop immigrants from using our public services for free including clinics and hospitals. They MUST PAY!

11. Do an independent audit of citizenships, business visas and permanent residency issued since 1994.


Source - Byo24News

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