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Preacher manhood locks promiscuous pastors, prophets

by Staff reporter
28 Sep 2020 at 21:23hrs | Views
Bulawayo based preacher Mduduzi Dube has extended his spiritual manhood locking to promiscuous pastors, prophets and apostles.

Dube, also known as the Black Elisha, shot to fame early this year for locking adulterous men using spiritual padlocks.

His actions were met with mixed feelings with many condemning them as ungodly and un-Christian.

However, the Mpopoma based preacher seems not deterred as he has taken his theatrics to another level; threatening to deal with wayward prophets and pastors.

Dube is understood to have recently told his congregants during a service that the time is up for Casanova men of God.

The preacher, who is the founder of Christ Life Generation Church is alleged to use a padlock and water to perform the spiritual padlock healing.

Contacted for comment he said: "There is absolutely nothing amiss there. If you look throughout the bible God frowns upon adultery and fornication. Read the book of Genesis, Corinthians and other scriptures you would see that promiscuity is outlawed.

"What is more worrying is that in the bible's great prophets like Elijah never abused their positions to abuse women. So it's a no, no and they must be locked," added Dube.

The prophet, who brands himself as a master of spiritual territory, also claimed that three prophets have already been locked in Cowdray Park.

"I can't reveal names but those in Cowdray Park know the people I am talking about, I hope this will send a strong message to my fellow leaders in church that they should not abuse their positions."

A congregant at his church Esther Dlamini said during a service at one mountain the preacher warned ‘prophets' and pastors against taking advantage of their positions in society to sleep with many women. "He added that wives of trouble some pastors should come to him and he will put them on off season for misbehaving."

Source - dailynews