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Bussinesswoman bounces back to court on anti-corruption ticket

by Lot Zuvanyika
01 Dec 2020 at 09:20hrs | Views
Theresa Ndambakuwa, a local businesswoman who signed a Deed of Agreement with Ezekiel Mtapuri, a prodigal, has bounced back to court, it has emerged.

Theresa Ndambakuwa has managed to resuscitate a 2014 criminal /fraud case, to which she is the complainant, at the Harare Magistrate's Court. The case had failed to take off the ground way back in 2014 due to lack of evidence. The case is expected to be heard on 12/10/ 2020 in Court 4.

The agreement that Theresa Ndambakuwa signed with Ezekiel Mtapuri on 28 May 2014 was to enable Theresa Ndambakuwa to purchase an unclear sizable piece of land along Amalinda Rd, Waterfalls, Harare from Ezekiel Mtapuri. The land is owned by Ezekiel Mtapuri who is under curatorship.

Theresa Ndambakuwa heads a co-operative called Perfect Hope Society Ltd which manages acquired land for and on behalf of its membership.

Rangarirai Mtapuri, brother to Ezekiel Mtapuri, happens to be the curator to Ezekiel Mtapuri since 2004.

On signing a Deed of Agreement with Ezekiel Mtapuri on 28 May 2014, Ndambakuwa purportedly proceeded to pay Ezekiel Mtapuri USD35 000,00. This money was purportedly paid to Ezekiel Mtapuri before a Commissioner of Oaths at Machipisa Shoping Centre in Highfield . Ndambakuwa et al, then, moved in and sought to change ownership of the land she purportedly had purchased from Ezekiel Mtapuri.

Rangarirai Mtapuri, the curator to Ezekiel moved to stop the deal signed between Ndambakuwa and Ezekiel. This did not go down well with Ndambakuwa who implicated Rangarirai Mtapuri, curator to Ezekiel, by alleging that Rangarirai Mtapuri was working in cahoots with Ezekiel to defraud her of her hard earned USD35 000. Further USD107 000 she allergies, she was prejudiced on developing the property. The case was reported to police and investigated under case 8937/14 and 10723/14, CR 1666/8/14. The cases never took off the ground.

Fast forward to 2019, Theresa Ndambakuwa resuscitated the very criminal/fraud case under case 3716/19 and 3717/19 CR 1666/9/14 after reporting the case to Anti Corruption. An Anti Corruption Unit (ICU) is now working with police on a 2014 resuscitated case. However the case could not take off on 12 October 2020 as the State was not ready. The Deed of agreement and payment voucher (Affidavit) are as below.  The story is still unfolding.

Source - Lot Zuvanyika

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