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Macheso releases single

by Staff reporter
05 Dec 2020 at 20:46hrs | Views
UNLIKE in the past when sungura maestro Alick Macheso annually released a full album comprising several songs, coronavirus (Covid-19) circumstances have changed that entire format and for the first time he has been forced to release a single.

The single Zuro Ndizuro was released yesterday on Youtube and Facebook with the singer's management saying this was not a commercial project.

"We are not expecting to generate money from the new track but it is our way of honouring our fans," Tichaona Makahamadze, Macheso's publicist said.

"We were hoping to release a full studio album this year but the plans hit a brick wall due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we decided to give our fans something to cheer them up, hence the release of the single track."

A full album is definitely on the way. "We have recorded a full album but we are going to launch it after the Covid-19 pandemic," Makahamadze added.

"We are used to launch our products before our fans. We believe Covid-19 shall come to an end and we will revert to the normal way of doing business."

Unlike other musicians who have resorted to digital instruments, Macheso chose to stick to his traditional live instruments; this to the delight of his fans.

"Macheso is someone who believes in his team (the band) hence there was no way he could opt for digital instruments," he said.

In the song, the 52-year-old musician emphasised that some things in life remain unchanged despite the passage of time. He said people reap what they sow; people cannot expect to harvest maize cobs from a mango tree. The majority of social media users praised the Waterfalls (Harare)-based musician for maintaining the "original
Macheso" rhythm.

"Deep message from the maestro," one social media user, Brian Kays, said. Another music analyst Andrew Dzapasi described the track as "pure talent".

"The message is simple, short, precise and deep. The song teaches us to be responsible beings. "The family can only be governed if there are clear roles to be performed by each member, for instance, a mother should play motherly roles and the problem will arise if she wants to act as the head of the family.

"She should stick to her motherly roles. "On the other hand, the father is also expected to perform his fatherly roles without encroaching into the lane of the children. "If he acts like the child, then we accuse him of being childish. Macheso demonstrated his pure talent on the latest track," Dzapasi said.

While most people have welcomed the track with open arms, there are others who think it was a rushed project.

"Wherever Macheso was rushing to, I don't know but this is a shallow project, Covid-19 is the new normal; people will still listen to his music even under lockdown, so he should have taken his time and produce good music that he would love to be associated with," Santima Kajese said.

Since Macheso launched his flourishing solo career in 1997, he has been consistent in releasing full studio albums with the debut Magariro launched in 1998.

Some of his music albums include Vakiridzo, Simbaradzo, Zvakanaka Zvakadaro, Zvinoda Kutendwa, Tsoka Dzerwendo, Ndezvashe-eh and Kwatakabva Mitunhu among others.

Source - dailynews

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