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Cont Mhlanga threatens to sue

by Staff reporter
08 Dec 2020 at 06:28hrs | Views
KeYona TV chairperson, Cont Mhlanga is fuming and has threatened to sue all those who made claims on social media that their television station was awarded a licence because of his affiliation to Zanu-PF, saying they owe him 13 heifers each as these are false claims.

When the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) announced that KeYona TV was among six entities that were awarded free to air national television licences last month, there was jubilation in some quarters.

However, social media was awash with reports and conspiracy theories with some claiming that those who had been given the green light to operate had links to the ruling party and Government.

Other stations that were given a licence are Zimpapers Television Network, Rusununguko Media (Pvt) Ltd trading as NRTV, Jester Media trading as 3K TV, Acacia Media Group trading as Kumba TV and Channel Dzimbahwe trading as Channel D.

Mhlanga is pained by such claims and wants those who made them to come forward within the next 30 days with evidence that they are true or face a lawsuit.

"The next 30 days (starting from Sunday 6th of December, 2020) are crucial, therefore those with proof that we're linked with Zanu-PF should come forward and present it to me and the whole nation.

"If the 30 days lapse, all those who wrote and distributed the information will be served with court papers and they will have to incur all legal costs," said Mhlanga in a statement he issued on Sunday.

"Because of the seriousness of these unfounded claims, as a Ndebele, I expect three heifers to clear my name, five to clear the Amakhosi name and another five heifers to clear KeYona TV."

A disappointed Mhlanga said instead of being excited about realising his dream of building a reputable television station, he is faced with mudslinging. He said those claiming their TV station was favoured clearly have no idea of the amount of work he has put into this project over the years.

"We however, haven't received any support in content creation input, supply or funding, but only mudslinging. I was deeply pained to learn that the work, dedication, sacrifices and content I created over the past 40 years of my life is not my intellectual property, but is attributed to Zanu-PF.

"I looked to the whole of Mthwakazi to celebrate and walk this journey with us, but it's been marred with unfounded allegations that seek to undermine my hard work."

Explaining why they had decided to go the legal route with this matter, Mhlanga said: "This (pending lawsuit) is a decision taken to ensure that KeYona TV is credited to its rightful owners as we fight to start airing in the near future."

The television guru went on to ask people to help identify those who were claiming that KeYona TV was awarded because of his connections to Zanu-PF and Government.

"I appeal to you Mthwakazi to help identify the peddlers of all these allegations. It's my hope that they have tangible proof that will stand in the court of law supporting the claims spewed on social media platforms about Amakhosi, KeYona TV and my persona," said Mhlanga.

Meanwhile, KeYona TV is set to reveal their team next year at a cocktail that will be held in Bulawayo.

"Successful presenters, scriptwriters, independent producers and the channel's content management team will be unveiled at a luncheon to be held at Amakhosi studios on the 30th of January, 2021 from midday to 3pm. This comes after the channel successfully hosted its inaugural auditions this past week drawing in a crowd of 475 hopefuls," the TV station said a statement.

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