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UK trucks importer enters Zimbabwe market

by Staff reporter
20 Dec 2020 at 07:01hrs | Views
A United Kingdom-based truck importing company, Carsden Group, has expanded into Zimbabwe where it seeks to supply the local industry and farmers with high-quality used
trucks at competitive prices.

Carsden Group CEO Dyson Dzapasi, who is a former NMB Bank and Tetrad Bank manager, told Standardbusiness that their aim was to help grow industries and farming in the country.

"Carsden is expanding into Zimbabwe where we supply used trucks," Dzapasi said.

"We are already supplying Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya, just to name a few African countries. Demand has been good for used trucks in Africa, but what we do we ensure customers get quality used trucks.

"We put quality ahead of everything.

"So that's the advantage that we are bringing to consumers and also competitive pricing as well as honest dealing.

"You don't have to rely on your uncle who is here for business.

"We have got a professional set-up where we can deal with peace of mind.

"We are expanding into Zimbabwe so that we help our country access reasonably priced used trucks to help the industries in Zimbabwe and farming."

Dzapasi, who is also a sports talent manager and former Leeds United Academy senior scout, said so far they have done very well on African soil.

"We are already supplying top-range trucks and we have done very well with our solid network backing us in the industry," he said.

"Zimbabwe has a huge appetite for trucks as most fleets are old and worn out and due to rise in imports and opportunities to move cargo to South Africa and other African ports for export trucks, are needed.

"We are net importers and also have a huge demand to move cargo from other countries.

"Carsden's aim is to go into the capital markets and raise finances to go into new truck sales and bring big franchises like Volvo to Zimbabwe."

Carsden UK Trucks is a fast rising UK trucks advertising and marketing business well-respected among UK and Ireland top dealers in the industry. Starting with exports in 2021, they will be doing the domestic market, according to Dzapasi.

Carsden has since partnered with Jeffrey Takawira, a local representative of South Africa-based JT Holdings Africa, to help import, market and distribute vehicles in the country.

Takawira said they were excited about the opportunity as it creates a lot of other opportunities beyond just truck importation.

"We have a huge local demand for this kind of product buoyed by young entrepreneurs venturing into the transport and logistics business and we are here to provide the linkages," he said.

"A marked upturn in civil works in Zimbabwe particularly infrastructure development creates demand for imported used trucks."

JT Holdings Africa is involved in farming, transport and logistics, mining, real estate, construction and renewable energy.

It has a sub-office in Harare.

Takawira is a former Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce CEO.

There is an upsurge in infrastructure development projects in the country, culminating in a lot of heavy-duty earthmoving equipment being brought into the country.

Source - the standard