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'MDC-T condemns any form of secessionism in Zimbabwe'

by Staff reporter
23 Dec 2020 at 06:33hrs | Views
POLITICAL parties yesterday urged Zimbabweans to set aside their differences and remain united as the prevailing unity and peace were a fundamental requirement for national development and prosperity.

President Mnangagwa yesterday led the way in calling for the nation to build on the seeds of national unity that were planted by the country's founding fathers in 1987 when liberation movements - Zanu (PF) and-PF-ZAPU - joined hands to form the new Zanu-PF that ended political disturbances in Matabeleland provinces and parts of the Midlands.

Zanu-PF acting spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa, said Zimbabweans should not allow themselves to be divided.

"Unity is a prerequisite to development and we applaud our founding fathers for signing the peace accord on 22 December 1987. We call upon people of Zimbabwe to maintain the peace that was brokered by our founding fathers. It is in our interest as a nation to do so. Let no one divide us because that will have the effect of taking us back to the period of divisions and animosity.

"We want people from different political persuasion and affiliations to coexist peacefully for the development of our country."

Zanu-PF Youth League acting secretary Tendai Chirau implored youths to continue to cherish unity notwithstanding their diverse political backgrounds.

"For us as Zanu-PF Youth League, we are yet again profoundly reminded of this fundamental goal of the revolution. Our thoughts turn to our revolutionary leaders and fore-bearers who gallantly abandoned personal political ambition in favour of the lofty interest of nationhood," said Chirau.

"We challenge all enlightened young people to make a strong stand and counter the rhetoric of self-hate with our demonstrations of, hard work and integrity. We, the people of Zimbabwe, have nothing to gain by fighting one another in the interest of political expediency."

Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) spokesperson Professor Lovemore Madhuku said the Unity Accord, though signed by two political parties, has a deeper meaning that reverberates across the nation to this day.

"Although the history of Unity Day takes us to the Unity Accord between two national liberation movements Zanu (PF) and-PF-Zapu, the day signifies something deeper and more embracing. It is a day to remind ourselves that we are a nation of diversity that can only thrive in unity. We all want a better country for ourselves and for the future generations. Because of this common desire, we must always work for unity despite our diversity," said Prof Madhuku.

"POLAD is itself an excellent example of unity in diversity. We have our different political parties with different views but there are certain issues over which we agree for the sake of our common destiny as a country. Today is a day to emphasise that point."

MDC-T acting spokesperson, Dr Tapiwa Mashakada said it was critical that Zimbabweans realised that the country belonged to everyone regardless of one's colour, creed, tribe or gender.

"This unity is cherished, that is why we all celebrate Unity Day which came about as a result of the amalgamation of-PF-Zapu and Zanu (PF)."

He called for national cohesion based on peace, security, stability, democracy and inclusive development. Zimbabwe must remain a devolved but unitary state. MDC-T condemns any form of secessionism in Zimbabwe," he said.

Peace, love, unity and cohesion have flourished under the Second Republic as President Mnangagwa has called for Zimbabweans to embrace each other regardless of political affiliation, colour or creed.

Source - the herald