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Mnangagwa says unity never wears' silent on gukurahundi genocide

by Staff reporter
23 Dec 2020 at 06:34hrs | Views
Zimbabwe commemorated the 33rd National Unity Day brokered by the two liberation movement parties, Zanu (PF) and-PF-Zapu to form the new Zanu-PF. President Mnangagwa has been consistent, since he took over the Presidency, on the need for unity among Zimbabweans.

Below are some of the excerpts of his call for unity that he made at different forums.

l "Decades have passed since that historic event of our Unity Accord. However, its conceptualisation must now go beyond narrow interpretation. Therefore, today as we remember and celebrate Unity Day, let us re-commit ourselves to the important virtues that bind us as a people and equally incorporate the importance of our unity within the transformative national economic agenda." 22 December 2020 address.

l "We stand obligated to further the ideals of this timeless bequest of unity to our nation. Far more than a legacy, the Unity Accord is a material force which continues to shape our politics to this day and forever. It never wears out, nor will we ever allow it to perish. It is the life-force of our nation, the pith of our nationhood. We are as good as strong as we are united: today, tomorrow and forever. All generations, all citizens and all leaders of this nation, must continue to renew, affirm and reaffirm our unity as a people. We should never tire to work for national unity, to think, act and to live true to its dictates." 22 December 2019 address.

l "That Unity Accord brought together two major political parties that fought the liberation struggle that brought independence to the country. We thank our late icons for that wisdom and vision that united our people. It's incumbent upon us to continue to cherish that wisdom which unites Zimbabwe. All of us Zimbabweans should come together." December 23 2019 in address to Polad meeting in Kwekwe to mark National Unity Day.

l "In conclusion, let me appeal to all Zimbabweans to cherish the peace that our country enjoys today. We should be vigilant and reject those amongst us who wish to perpetuate the suffering of the masses through violence, disunity, divisions and unrest. It is everyone's duty to secure the unity, freedom and peace we continue to enjoy. Long live our Defence Forces, Long Live our Independence and Sovereignty, Long Live Zimbabwe." 13 August 2019 in address on Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day.

l "To all my colleagues and other political parties who contested in the just ended harmonised elections, especially those represented in Parliament, I exhort us to commit ourselves to collectively develop our motherland. We are all Zimbabweans; what unites us is greater than what could ever divide us. Let me assure you that tomorrow is brighter! Let us look forward to the journey ahead, a journey we will walk together as one people, a united people. A journey of development, progress and prosperity in our New Zimbabwe." August 26 2018 in his inauguration speech after he won the 2018 elections.

l "As we do so, we must never remain hostages to our past. I thus humbly appeal to all of us that we let bygones be bygones, readily embracing each other in defining a new destiny. The task at hand is that of rebuilding our great country. It principally lies with none but ourselves." 24 November 2017 in first inauguration speech.

Source - the herald