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'Shun tribalism & regionalism'

by Staff reporter
23 Dec 2020 at 06:45hrs | Views
ZANU-PF leadership in Bulawayo yesterday joined the rest of the nation in commemorating Unity Day amid calls for Zimbabweans to shun tribalism and regionalism.

Speakers, in their solidarity messages, highlighted the need for Zimbabweans irrespective of their cultural and political differences to embrace diversity and respect each other in line with the founding principles that led to the signing of the Unity Accord by former President, the late Robert Mugabe and late Vice President Joshua Nkomo.

The Unity Accord signed on December 22, 1987, brought together erstwhile liberation movements of Zanu (PF) and-PF-Zapu under the banner of Zanu-PF. The Unity Accord is credited for ending Gukurahundi.

Speaking on behalf of Zanu-PF Politburo member, Angeline Masuku during a ceremony at Davies Hall to mark the 33rd year since the signing of the unity agreement, Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Judith Ncube, urged Zimbabweans to embrace diversity.

She called on people to desist from the culture of discriminating against each other because of cultural and language difference. She said tribalism and regionalism had no place in Zimbabwe and urged Zimbabweans to tolerate and embrace each other.

Masuku reminded Zimbabweans that peace and stability being enjoyed in Zimbabwe was a result of sacrifices made by the country's gallant sons and daughters during the protracted liberation struggle for independence.

"We are one people and we have one Zimbabwe, which was brought about through supreme sacrifices by our heroes and heroines. We are today enjoying the fruits of their sacrifices and therefore it is equally important for us as Zimbabweans to remain united," she said.

"When there is no stability and peace in a country, nothing meaningful comes out it, which is why leaders in the mould of the late former President Robert Mugabe and Vice President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo buried the hatchet through signing the Unity Accord in December 1987."

Masuku played a critical role during and after the signing of the Unity Accord through preaching unity and peace to the nation. She was part of a 10-member national integration committee, which was tasked after the signing of the Unity Accord, to preach the gospel of unity.

The committee consisted of five former Zanu (PF) members and five from-PF-Zapu. She is the only surviving member from the-PF-Zapu side who participated in the committee.

From the-PF-Zapu side, the national integration comprised Masuku, Welshman Mabhena, Cyril Ndebele, Dr Kotsho Lloyd Dube and George Marange. From the Zanu (PF) the team comprised Edison Zvobgo, Didymus Mutasa, Nelson Mawema, Herbert Ushewokunze and Tsitsi Mutambanengwe. Speaking at the Davies Hall event, Zanu-PF Politburo member Tshinga Dube said the signing of the Unity Accord marked a turning point for the country's political landscape.

"Soon after independence our country went through a painful phase which was characterised by political disturbances resulting in thousands of our innocent people in Matabeleland and Midlands being unnecessarily killed. However, our founding leaders, Dr Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe quickly came to their senses and they sat down and signed the historic Unity Accord which subsequently brought to end the post-independence political strife," he said.

Dube urged Zimbabweans to continue with the legacy of Dr Nkomo and Mugabe. "We might differ in terms of political opinions, but we are one people with one national flag and national anthem. We should continue on the path of our forefathers who liberated us from the colonial repressive regime," he said.

"Let us all stop being divisive and build on this unity left by Dr Nkomo and Mugabe, which must be nurtured."

Zanu-PF Central Committee member Alderman David Ndlovu said it is important for Zimbabweans to adopt both the Zanu-PF and-PF Zapu ideologies which helped in downing the Union Jack.

Alderman Ndlovu, who was part of the Bulawayo provincial integration committee during the signing of the Unity Accord, said there is a need to integrate both the Zanu (PF) and-PF Zapu ideologies for a strong and unshakable revolutionary principle that must be internalised by all Zimbabweans.

"Now that we are free to talk about these issues let us fuse the-PF Zapu ideology to the Chitepo School of Ideology and come up with a unifying system that is acceptable to all as we cement our unity which must be based on truth and honesty," he said.

The event was punctuated by scintillating performances by Bambanani Choral Group and Thandanani Dance Group as they dished our revolutionary songs. Simbarashe Chandira, a mbira artist, mesmerised the audience with his beautifully arranged rendition of Chimurenga music.

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