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Prophet declares war on small house

by Staff reporter
02 Jan 2021 at 13:59hrs | Views
Spiritual lock key master, Prophet Black Elisha has declared war on "small houses" as he believes they are the major cause of marital problems.

He code named the operation - Operation expose small house by 2021.

In his end of year message the maverick cleric said many women approached him for help after mistresses caused problems in their marriages.

"I have helped more than 500 women who were facing problems in their marriages, problems that were caused by the small houses who would have fallen in love with their husbands thereby causing them to neglect their families,"he said.

He said one of the push factors was of a woman who was a bit under the weather while her 12-year-old son had suffered speech impairment after he was bewitched. He said as a result the man of the house deserted his family to stay with his mistress.

"He left his wife suffering with the child with no one to turn to for help and that touched me a lot," he said.
Black Elisha explained how the spiritual key would work.

"A woman who suspects that her husband is cheating on her should bring the key that I would pray for, after that if her husband sleeps with his small house, they will stick together causing them to be caught while they are stuck together," he revealed.

He said a small house could be a man or woman who sleeps with a married person.

"To me a small house could be any person who falls in love with a married person. So that person would cause his or her partner that they commit adultery with to plunge into trouble as they would be caught," he said.

He said operation expose small house by 2021 is based on biblical verses as God abhors adultery.

"God hates a small house and there are many verses which prove that for example Hebrews 13:4 says: "Let marriage be held in honour among all and let the marriage bed be undefiled for God would judge the sexually immoral and the adulterous."

He went on to say marriage must be an institution of peace and love.

"The central objective of this operation is to restore love, peace and honour in marriages. A marriage without the headache caused by a small house is enjoyable,"he said.

Source - bmetro