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Chamisa's MDC confirmed its violent streak

by Staff reporter
15 Jan 2021 at 10:12hrs | Views
263Chat reports that Member of Parliament for Makoni central, David Tekeshe who was attacked by a group of hoodlums at the funeral wake of a deceased member, says the MDC Alliance is confirming its violent streak.

This comes after Tekeshe was violently disrupted from giving a condolence speech at the graveside of Energy Madondo's wife, in Ward 8 Makoni Central constituency last Wednesday by irate supporters for selling out.

Tekeshe described the graveside scenes, captured on a video which has since gone viral, as a sign of political immaturity within the MDC-Alliance camp.

In the video as Tekeshe tries to give a condolence the, an MDC-Alliance member Teddy Chitsere disrespectfully interjected, breaking into a song accusing Tekeshe of selling out by joining Douglas Mwonzora.

Tekeshe won the constituency in the 2018 harmonized elections on a MDC-Alliance ticket.

"This is un-acceptable at all, and I can confirm the incident that there are some members from the MDC-Alliance who disrupted me when I was about to give a speech at a graveside," he said

"Teddy Chitsere and some few members started singing against me but people did not like this, we cannot use a funeral as a political battle ground, these guys showed political immaturity, we need to mature," he said.

Ward 8 councilor Munyaradzi Chigwede confirmed the skirmishes. Madondo who lost his wife (Ellah) was at also at a loss of words claiming that he was not happy with the conduct of the hooligans.

"I am at a loss of words, as you know at most funerals, there are people who are given a chance to give vote of thanks , headman, Chiefs, MP's no matter from which party , they are given a chance to give vote of thanks.

"When our MP David Tekeshe was about to give his speech, he was disrupted by some hooligans. I don't know why, they did this I was left concerned with the conduct," he said.

He said the hooligans were stopped by his brother Japhat Madondo, as he also applauded Pentecostal church ZAOGA for managing the funeral.

"I gave my speech as the councillor and I had no problem at all, but when Makoni MP David Tekeshe was about to give a speech Teddy Chitsere and some members started singing against Tekeshe saying that he was a sell out," he said.

Madondo is a former MDC-Alliance member but joined the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) after he snubbed by the party ahead of the 2018 harmonized elections.

He reportedly campaigned as a councillor for (NCA) in the 2018 elections.

Source - 263chat

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