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Married serial bed-hopping businessman exposed

by Staff reporter
15 Jan 2021 at 18:41hrs | Views
A SERIAL bed-hopping Plumtree-based businessman was chucked out of his in-laws' house where he was residing and has been forced to stay with one of his girlfriends whenever he is in Bulawayo after his sexual escapades were uncovered.

The alleged bed-hopper named Bhekisisa Bhebhe is legally married to Rebecca Bhebhe, a medical doctor based in Britain. He runs businesses in Plumtree including a thriving farm, but still finds time to lay cables with a number of women in Bulawayo.

His dirty secrets came tumbling out of the closet after someone posted sexually explicit messages that he exchanged with one of his women on a church WhatsApp group.

Bhebhe and Rebecca are in the said church WhatsApp group.

The church they go to has since suspended Bhebhe.

The public airing of his sexual shenanigans did not sit well with his in-laws who took the decision to kick out their son-in-law from their house. And Bhebhe, who frequents Bulawayo has been left with no choice, but to find comfort in the arms and bed of one of his women and he chose Sithandekile Magida, a source said.

Sithandekile is allegedly separated with her husband only identified as Phiri because of Bhebhe.

Phiri is said to be livid that Bhebhe now stays at his former matrimonial home in Bulawayo's suburb of Mahatshula North.

However, Sithandekile denied the allegations.

She said: "I don't stay with him (Bhebhe). He is our customer at my workplace and that is how I know him."

Contacted for a comment Bhebhe said: "Why are you calling me and if your source has given you the story, go ahead and write the story. I will deal with you because the information was obtained illegally and is false. We will meet in court, I want to make money and I will make money out of you. What is so nice about writing this story (sic)?"

When he was asked about co-habiting with Sithandekile: "I don't know what you talking about. I have got my own place where I'm staying."

Contacted for comment, Phiri did not say much about the allegations that Bhebhe was the bane to his marriage.

"I am aware of the issue but why are you calling me? Call the people who are involved. I have nothing to say," he said before hanging up.
If Sithandekile thought she was Bhebhe's only dirty little secret she will be disappointed to learn that he was also doing horizontal gymnastics with a woman only identified as Ruponiso. They also exchanged hundreds of extremely sexual messages.

The messages are so raunchy and explicit, B-Metro had to print a chosen few.

In one of the messages Bhebhe seemed to be itching to sample Ruponiso's velvet cake: "Babe ngiceli imb*mb* (Babe may I have sex with you)."

The lady responded: "It's a strong word please and yikho uqhula umq*ntsho uyakukhulela. (That is why you walk with a limp, your erection gets the better of you)."

Bhebhe seemed to be a possessive lover as he told Ruponiso that he would stab anyone who dares sleep with his mistress.

"Ukhona osesidla into zami. Mina ngiyagwaza abantu ezibunu (I think you are sleeping with someone else. I will stab them on the buttocks."
Ruponiso replied: "I would never do that love because I will lose dignity at my workplace. What would worsen the matter is that there are some people who worship at Guta from other factions so I can't tarnish my image."

A burning Bhebhe could not get enough of Ruponiso and constantly begged for sex from the busy Ruponiso.

"Come at 6pm love am going to Burnside. Please love you should come I just need one round sure," Bhebhe pleaded with her.
Ruponiso responded: "ufuna ukungitshayela lapho odlela khona uVawayo khona (You want to have sex with me where you usually have sex with Vuwayo".

Bhebhe answered back: "We will book because we want to save a bit of cash. Kodwa lamuhla kumele ungiv*k*z* hun."

"Unq*ntsh* kubi," Ruponiso replied.

An undeterred Bhebhe asked: "Awunq*ntsh*nga yini hun?"

The sexually aroused Bhebhe didn't stop there.

"Ngalamba sure hun (I'm sexually starved honey). Bengikulindile love ngilolile ngikhiphe yonke into manje eish wena nya again love. Bengifuna ukukuphakamisa my love ngiv*l* inyawo lezo too much my love ngichaye zonke babe ngithaphuze my love."

Ruponiso feigned tiredness but the determined Bhebhe was having none of it - "Passby me (sic)."

And that seemed to have done the trick as Ruponiso responded: "hahaha love are you alone, I will be there in five minutes."

But their little sex filled paradise did not last as someone exposed the two secret lovers and splashed the raunchy messages on a church  WhatsApp group where Bhebhe and Rebecca are members.

After stumbling on the said messages, Rebecca accused Ruponiso of causing problems in their marriage.

Rebecca's parents fumed over their philandering son-in-law and chucked him out of their matrimonial home.

Bhebhe is said to be also bonking a woman who was in a relationship with a man called Everton.

Everton was not available for comment.

Source - bmetro

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