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Chamisa's COVID-19 address 'empty' says Professor of epidemiology

by Staff reporter
28 Jan 2021 at 18:42hrs | Views
Zimbabwean professor of epidemiology and biostatistics Shinga Feresu has attacked main opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, saying his Covid-19 address today was "empty".

Chamisa said while lockdown was critical, govt's approach was hitting hard the vulnerable poor. He also said churches must be reopened: "We must allow churches to open for a controlled number of people provided there is social distancing, masking and other COVID-19 protocols."

Profe Feresu said, "I watched Nelson Chamisa. He started off by bootlicking government.  Drs nurses etc. Soldiers and  police too. Then hypothetical stuff as usual started. Prescribing his own lock down. Whining complaining. Blaming but all empty as usual."

Prof Feresu said, "Chamisa calls for at least US$2000 risk allowance & tax exemption for all health professionals, security services, & govt workers on duty. “We want to emphases that, in view of the disparities in the exchange rates, this must be paid in hard cash, that is, in USD”.  From where?

She said, "Yes it was. Please lets teach people correct information. This is not politics. This is a life & death situation. How can he advocate for crowds when we are trying to control them to curb transmission. What does he know about Covid? Let people with knowledge give information."

In his address, Chamisa said although Covid-19 lockdowns may be unavoidable, it would be better to implement them smartly, by way of zonal or staggered lockdowns. This would protect citizens from "lockdown-induced poverty"

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