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Chamisa to give MDC a a new name as MDC implodes

by Dr Masimba Mavaza
01 Mar 2021 at 09:45hrs | Views
Zimbabweans owe Tsvangirai some gratitude for supporting maintaining democracy by holding the MDC together and provide the nation with a solid opposition. Ironically the MDC has transformed to be the most undemocratic and chaotic party in Zimbabwe. Dominated by greed corruption and gossip Chamisa is now struggling to hold the MDC together. It has taken Chamisa three years to destroy what Tsvangirai has built.

The Tsvangirai Chete chete mantra has plunged the party in a big pool of destruction. The MDC will never remain the same MDC has shown us a vivid illustration of the unity of purpose that characterizes this party when it is at its worst. It was that unity of purpose that drove MDC leaders to be rumour mongers in their quest for snatching leadership reins from Khupe in 2017. It was that unity of purpose that laid the foundations of division within MDC. It is that unity of purpose that is the key to disintegration progress in the years ahead.

Now three years after Tsvangirayi's death MDC has been ravaged by the power hungry jackals pretending to be democrats. A shock defection by senior officials has triggered inner self reflection in the MDC Alliance amid claims that some of the party's problems are self-inflicted. Chamisa who took advantage of Tsvangirai's death to ascend to the throne now is being haunted by the ghost of Tsvangirai. The party which was left intact by Tsvangirai now implodes and those who were chased from MDC by Tsvangirai is now in rags. Those who were left in key positions and those who dedicated their lives to MDC ere all replaced by political prostitutes like Job Sikhala and scheming power hungry buffoon like Tendai Biti. Tsvangirai should be turning in his grave to see his trusted Chamisa. Being blinded by power. Since the death of Tsvangirai many democratic patriots respected in both the opposition and the nation were persecuted by Chamisa. The likes of Obert Gutu and team were expelled. Mwonzora and Komichi and a lot of founding members of the MDC were expelled by the mechanisation of Biti Hwende and Sikhala who have become advisers to Chamisa. Recently MDC Alliance deputy treasurer general Lillian Timveos became the latest top official to escape the dictatorship of Chamisa and Biti. Timveos and Blessing Chebundo were last week paraded by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House after they defected to the ruling Zanu PF.

Timveos said it had dawned on her that opposition politics had nothing to offer in Zimbabwe and praised Zanu PF's "progressive policies". Blessing Chebundo is the former MDC-T secretary for local government found peace in ZANU PF.

Senator Timveos opened the doors which let the dogs out as she expressed how Chamisa has been captured by Hwende. She participated in an angry exchange between herself and the the party's secretary-general Charlton Hwende.

Hwende accused Timveos of moving to Zanu PF for financial gain. The politician did not take it kindly and accused the former student leader of misleading MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and being behind an alleged plot to push senior leaders out of the opposition party. In order to safeguard their positions the political prostitutes like Sikhala are teaming up with Hwende to push out senior leaders in the MDC.

Rumours and scandals were spread around in a bid to frustrate the founders out of the MDC. In Timvous blasting fury directed at Hwende indicated that Chamisa is presiding over the death of the party if he continues to take his advise from Hwende. If MDC is to survive Chamisa has to take the defection seriously.

There is a clique led by Hwende and comprising MDC Alliance organising secretary Amos Chibaya, deputy spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo, youth leader Obey Sithole, deputy secretary-general Happymore Chidziva and ex Harare Central MP Murisi Zvizwai which burning the late night candle to push and frustrate senior MDC Alliance officials in the hope that they leave the party. Because of gossip which has been allowed to rule in MDC the clique, which is pretending to be close to Chamisa, comprise of deputy national chairman Job Sikhala, vice-president Tendai Biti, treasurer general David Coltart and national chairperson Thabita Khumalo. "It is true Hwende has been harassing other members in the standing committee meetings, including removing them from party WhatsApp groups," a top official said.

"But president Chamisa has done nothing to rein them in. "There is a general feeling that he is the one sending Hwende to target other leaders. Now the MDC is the big lot being fried by mistrust gossip and jealous.

"It is surprising that the party can afford to have internal wars at a time it is facing a fierce war from Zanu PF and MDC-T." At one time, Ruth Labode was harassed for suggesting that there was need to come up with a new name for the party. "Hwende told her to leave that issue to the president." Another official said MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora's decision to part ways with Chamisa could have been influenced by the clique which uses Hwende as a mouth piece. It was well known Khupe never worked well with Tsvangirai but on Tsvangirais death Khupe shared more tears that bereaved. Unity of purpose was used negatively in the case of MDC.

Those who had hope in Chamisa are now disoriented. Unity of purpose in MDC was supposed to guides MDC's collaboration for democracy, human rights and good governance, but this focus has flown away into the thin air. It drove their collective efforts for peace and security -- including being champions of democracy to vanish into thin air. All this is the steam coming from a volatile boiling pot under the extreme heat of political gossip and scandalising each other

The same applies to efforts to build enduring peace in parties recovering from the loss of a leader. The leader who had hoped to keep the party as his personal property yet he claimed to be democratic can now not see his chicken coming home to roost.

"Even Mwonzora before he left, each time whether he said something or not, he was always attacked. "The group would sing a song, pano paita mutengesi (a sellout is here)," said the official. "He was a strong man and I don't know how he managed to be in the party for a year after the Gweru congress where he lost to Hwende.

"At times he needed escort to go out of Harvest House.

"He was actually haunted out by Hwende and company and I am sure the president was part of the plot because it now appears he no longer wants the old guard in the party." Chamisa is not comfortable with the old guard and he has resorted to old university student politics hence he has surrounded himself with former student leaders. This approach has transformed the MDC to become A violent outfit.

Throughout history, political parties that reaffirmed their enduring spirit, have come together to work towards their mutual gain. In a nutshell, that is the simple meaning of unity of purpose. But MDC has transformed itself into a confusion and dying party now left in the hands of rumour mongers scandrous bigots power hungry hypocrites and dangerous leaders. People may use different paths but all travelling the same journey; holding on to the ideals that are important to all of them. Political maturity means the ability to identify, negotiate and resolve differences. MDC is now bedevilled by lack of these qualities, hence its perennial problems. It behooves on members of the MDC to take advantage of opportunities, to participate, promote collective responsibility, and foster a strong sense of belonging. Honesty and hard work; shared understanding and support for each other; sense of identity teamwork and social solidarity; high level of involvement in political projects; courage and fair play; mutual co-operation and tolerance; emotional support for members; and loyalty and patriotism. All these values, if held sacrosanct, and if people had pulled in one direction, MDC would have certainly achieve unity of purpose, which is the sum total of a stable political party. In the MDC such values have been devalued to nothing like the legs of the snake. The tragedy is that there is still unresolved anger, hatred, fear, worry and stress which continue to haunt MDC arising from different episodes of their history.

Of what use is it, to build a big party which can go up in smoke in one day as violence flares up within MDC the nation is reminded that MDC only brings violence and no progress. It does not stand for a single democratic value. Chamisa was a cart before the oxen. He was appointed then the constitution was amended. The idea of giving a party your name shows the greatest hypocrisy being paracticed by MDC. Politics must know that it pays more dividends to invest in peace.

MDC has neither unity nor focus and they are not convinced for what purpose. All the challenges they have faced and continue to suffer emanate from unresolved past grievances. They are a people spell bound by a curse. MDC therefore needs to come to terms with its past in order to achieve unity of purpose. Zimbabweans are known for their resilience. ZANU PF will win it will walk through this dog's breakfast being created by MDC. 2023 is now clearly tipping towards a ZANU PF landslide.

As the elections come closer MDC will be preaching rigging. They have nothing they are offering to any person. All their supporters are being fed with imaginary fear. ZANU PF shall attain unity of purpose come hell or Chamisa. MDC is now breaking into pieces. It will be buried together with its leader. Already it is fighting itself.

Zimbabwe should not be led by a Movement of Democratic Confusion. Of MDC can not keep Itself together how can it be able to unite Zimbabwe.

2023 is now for ZANU PF to take. If you have any doubt ask Chebundo and Timvous. They can tell you that MDC is not fit for purpose. It is not too late to join ZANU PF. ZANU PF is your party and this 2023 it is sincerely asking for your vote.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza