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Reasons why Sheamus pinned Drew McIntyre in the Gauntlet Match

by Staff Reporter
02 Mar 2021 at 17:10hrs | Views
It's not surprising that Sheamus managed to go on and defeated Drew McIntyre to win the Gauntlet Match on RAW. This win means that Sheamus is going to be the last entrant into the Elimination Chamber match. And as it stands, the odds are in his favour for him to win the Elimination Chamber match and be the WWE HeavyWeight Champion.

It's not that we are expecting Sheamus to win, but he is one of the best wrestlers who has the real chance to walk away with the ultimate prize.Did you know that at Australian casino you can bet on favorite wrestler and stand a chance to win big prizes.

Sheamus the Most Logical Option
Looking at the contestants that Sheamus is likely to face for the title, it's quite clear that he has the best chance to win. He is actually a logical option. His other competitors have other things they have to focus on before they make it to this massive match. AJ Styles is clearly not going to receive a WWE Championship. The likes of Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy have been on a losing streak therefore, their chances of winning it are very low.

WWE has been building Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus for a while now
This rival has been brewing for a long time. Few months ago, Sheamus and Drew were allies on FAW and brand new online casinos players bet on him. This was before the inevitable heel turn. Even though that was the case, we cannot write off that these two have been going back and forth with their debacle way back in 200-5-2006.

The most organic build up to a rival that the WWE has ever created to make sure it keeps on you on the edge. What we can only hope for is for Drew to stay in his lane and never distract Sheamus WWE title challenge at the Elimination Chamber match.

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