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Mliswa praises Mohadi for quitting over sex scandal

by Staff reporter
06 Mar 2021 at 08:14hrs | Views
INDEPENDENT Norton legislator Temba Mliswa says vice-president Kembo Mohadi's decision to resign from office over a sex scandal sets a good precedent for Zimbabwean and other African leaders, who often cling onto positions and die in power even in the face of abuse of office.

Mliswa's remarks in parliament follow Mohadi's resignation on Monday after a string of sex scandals involving several women revealed by muckraking online tabloid ZimLive.

In a rare move by a public official in Zimbabwe, Mohadi said he had taken the decision to step down "not as a matter of cowardice, but as a sign of demonstrating great respect to the office" of the President.

Mohadi had denied the allegations, claiming voice cloning, wire taping and fake recordings. He also accused his political foes of plotting his downfall.

Moving a motion in parliament to thank Mohadi's contribution to the country, Mliswa said the former vice-president had served the country well.

"I hope that he (Mohadi) is leaving knowing that the respect he has earned is something that is a legacy. At times leaders do not resign, especially African leaders, they like to stay and die in power, but he chose to put the country first and, as such, he has earned the respect of many," Mliswa said.

"His voice and stature will be missed. It is a precedence which also has been set by all of us as leaders that we must also take cognisance of many factors and put the country first."

In his resignation statement, Mohadi said: "I have been going through a soul-searching pilgrimage and realised that I need the space to deal with my problem outside the governance chair."

He had earlier released a statement saying he would not resign from office over the sexual scandals.

According to the exposè, Mohadi had improper sexual relations with married women, including one of his subordinates.

The leaked phone calls, which he denies, also provided explicit details of planned sex romps.

Mohadi, (70), denied the accusations last week, saying they were part of a political plot against him. On Monday, he continued to deny the accusations, saying he would seek legal recourse.

Despite the sex scandals that have blighted Mohadi's career, Mliswa said he was a victim of "vicious" social media attacks.

"At the same time, Mr. Speaker Sir, may we also be aware of social media that it is an animal that attacks. For as long as we do not give a fair trial to anybody implicated, tomorrow it will be me, but for me, I am used toitanyway-soitisnot much of a problem. For other members who are here, including yourself Mr. Speaker Sir, it just takes one person to write something which is not true and that becomes a fact," Mliswa said.

Mliswa recently threatened to move a motion to punish journalists publishing "falsehoods" following a nasty break-up with his girlfriend Susan Mutami, a Zimbabwean based in Australia. On Tuesday, Mliswa said politicians were "vulnerable".

"There has got to be a way through the law, I think the Minister of Justice is hearing me and can at least come up with a credible way of ensuring that whatever is alleged is true or not. As politicians we are very much vulnerable to that," he said.

Mliswa said Mohadi's resignation was admirable and honourable.

"The decision he has made is a decision which he has made to put the country first. So, Mr. Speaker Sir, may he enjoy his retirement and know that he served this country well. He fought for it and the precedence set is admirable, honourable. He goes with dignity and integrity," he said.

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