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Comedian mimics Mugabe to mock Mnangagwa's 'failure'

by Staff reporter
10 Mar 2021 at 06:06hrs | Views
PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has become the butt of jokes over his alleged neglect of the education sector after award-winning comedian Clive Chigubu chided him in his recent skit, The Pearly Gates with Mugabe which featured on The Gags Galore breakfast show.

The Gags Galore is a breakfast show launched recently by Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE) online news platform where comedians produce skits every week.

Zimbabwean students last year recorded low pass rates in public examinations largely because of teachers' long-running salary-induced strike.

In the skit, Chigubu imitates the late former President Robert Mugabe's voice and dressing. He talks about the change of the school calendar and how Zimbabweans are struggling to adapt to the new normal.

The skit starts with Chigubu, dressed in black suit, black tie, dark glasses, seated in a chair in a smoky place with a staircase then lightning strikes.

Mimicking Mugabe's voice, Chigubu says: "Hello, welcome to theThePearlyGates...itisIRG... the revolutionary gangster.

"Like the women of stock exchange, times are changing, Zimbabweans are struggling to adjust to the new normal, so I am told....The school calendar is gone, what a disgrace, solely not my grace ..."

"Some schools open on New Year's Eve and close on New Year's Day ... yatova (it is the) first term yacho iyoyo (now) ... haa! Kwete (No)!!." (That is the first term, no it's not supposed to be like that.")

While still mimicking Mugabe's voice in the skit, Chigubu said he thought the late Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo, who succumbed to COVID-19, was going to rescue the education sector.

"... Yesterday Judas Iscariot told me that SB arikuuya (is coming), I really have questions for that boy ... I thought he would be brave enough to rescue the education sector because that is my concern ... I personally had a fruitful journey when it comes to education ... I had an opportunity to cap thousands and thousands of Zimbabweans," he said.

"Our economy is bleaked ... Zimbabweans vanofarira mari (love money). Fraud and bribery have crippled the business sector ... but you can't change your attitude towards education, study ... youths you know that you are not sick, but you are on cough syrup Ingoma (popularly known as bronco) huh.

"Young people, must I remind you for the 10th time that the internet is not for porn! With that internet, you can research, explore, and feed your mind."

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Chigubu said unlike the days of Mugabe, who was strict on the education sector, now it is going down the drain.

"We used to be one of the best in terms of reputation when it came to education, now we watch it go down the drain, a very harsh truth. The youths of 2020 to 2021 will face hard times getting jobs and an average youth listens to whatever a politician sells," he said.

"He or she is desperate, that is a circle of being used ... not being cut off ... education there is power, why Mugabe?, he is well known for education and joking around so the gag can have punchlines while delivering a message."

Chigubu said his message was meant to encourage the youth to take their studies seriously.

"Let's not give up, support each other and youth must continue to study, even if you don't have money for extra lessons. If you have just grabbed the wrong one ... pick up something that will make you smart ... we need such minds," he said.

"When you look at how the world has been during this pandemic, (COVID-19), fear and signs of unpreparedness, even worse to a nation like ours which was already in recession and you look at the people that are supposed to take charge and lead showing signs of confusion. One voice can create unity and together we can stabilise the pandemic."

He said he had received rave reviews for the skit.

"The response has been interesting especially when you use someone who has been known for bringing the economy down's a sign we have been longing for such. I will be working on more skits as there is a level that I want to reach as far as sketch comedy is concerned," he said.

"Thanks to Zenzele Ndebele (CITE director) because he is giving us those opportunities to create using his equipment. Creativity gets sharpened so we become what we were sent here to be-entertainers, people that calm you down so you get up and fight hard."

Source - newsday