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Tendai Biti implies that Chipinge is a habitat of witches, apologises

by Staff reporter
11 Mar 2021 at 06:46hrs | Views
Opposition MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti apologised on Wednesday over a stereotypical tweet suggesting people from Chipinge, Manicaland province, widely practiced witchcraft.

Apparently agitated by Professor Lovemore Madhuku's dissenting interpretation of Section 96 (2) of the Constitution - which deals with the resignation of a vice president - Biti got personal and attacked Madhuku's tribal roots.

"Lovemore you are very wrong. Your contextual approach in the context of this debate is pure witchcraft. But then again you are from Chipinge," Biti tweeted, attracting immediate backlash from people who accused him of trial bigotry against the predominant Ndau people and other local minority groups.

Offering his apology Wednesday, Biti took full responsibility for his statement saying he had "overlooked the huge extent of the fragile national question" about marginalised communities in Zimbabwe.

Biti said he posted the tweet "in jest", adding he had meant no hard to the people of Chipinge or Madhuku, whom he has "known for over 20 years and worked with very closely."

"For the avoidance of doubt, I regret my tweet with Lovemore and am sorry for its pub stereotype banter. I have known Madhuku for years and we have shared a life together in 3 different spheres. It was a mistake to share things that are privately said in jest. Zikomo," Biti said remorsefully.

"The rights of our people, the rights of ethnic minorities in our Zimbabwe is an issue so key to our struggle and the political party I proudly belong.

"On Thursday in parliament, we will lead a motion that will undress the regime's mistreatment and abuse of ethnic minorities. We will not rest," he added.

The opposition politician moved a motion in parliament Tuesday to debate the "unfair" land tenure system that does not recognise indigenous Africans' right to land ownership and the effect displacements are having on minorities with special regard to Chilonga evictions.

Source - zimlive