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Khaya Moyo responds to Chamisa's tirade

by Staff reporter
13 Mar 2021 at 06:41hrs | Views
ZIMBABWEANS are fed up with the country's opposition politics of hate, tribalism and violence but rather are preoccupied with developing the nation, towards achieving President Mnangagwa's Vision 2030, Zanu-PF national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said.

Responding to a statement from MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa that his party would organise pockets of resistance to subvert the will of the people, Khaya Moyo said while the revolutionary party has the capacity to thwart acts of sabotage and treason that are being mulled by the opposition, it would leave the police to do their work in protecting peace.

"The Revolutionary Party Zanu-PF has noted with contempt, the MDC-A veiled threat to unseat a constitutionally elected Government following pronouncements by Mr Nelson Chamisa during his hollow address of 09 March 2021, dubbed, Agenda 2021. In his long monologue, Mr Chamisa did not only fail to demonstrate leadership but failed to instil hope in his fractured party, instead rumbling about seeking to establish pockets of resistance across the country similar to the ill-fated 31 July 2020 attempted violent demonstrations, whose sole attempt was to destabilise the country. While Zanu-PF has the capacity to thwart such machinations, as a law abiding organisation, we rest the matter with the law enforcement agents," said Khaya Moyo.

Since losing the 2018 elections, the MDC has tried all tricks in the book to subvert a constitutionally elected Government through violent means, first in August 2018, soon after learning of its thunderous defeat, then in 2019 and most recently in 2020, however, the country's security forces on all occasions managed to maintain peace.

After spurning invitations to join the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) platform, that was availed magnanimously to losing opposition parties by President Mnangagwa, a desperate Mr Chamisa is now seeking dialogue through the back-door. However, Khaya Moyo said political players should embrace Polad, instead of focusing on politics of hate which polarises the nation.

"Zanu-PF is quite alive, that Mr Chamisa is under pressure to seek relevance in the face of mass exodus of key members from his own party who have defected to the Revolutionary Party. This is not our problem, but his and we shall continue to welcome all those who have elected to return back to Zanu-PF, the People's Party," he said.

Over the past few months several MDC-A officials, including former legislators have abandoned the sinking opposition ship to join Zanu-PF, which is pursuing people-centred development programmes. Khaya Moyo added that Zanu-PF is ready for by-elections but treasures saving lives in the Covid-19 times more than parliamentary seats, which it already has by an unassailable majority.

"Zanu-PF is proud of how our Government has rallied the nation fighting Covid-19 and significant strides have been made including among others, acquiring the vaccine which has seen our frontline warriors being inoculated. It is therefore not only preposterous but irresponsible to say the least, for Mr Chamisa to suggest or opine that our Government is using Covid-19 to delay by-elections.

"The President has reiterated severally, that his objective in all these measures is to save our people's lives because once lost, they can never be recovered. It is therefore mind-bogging that given this imperative, Mr Chamisa's faction is obsessed with by-elections which of course, by all standards have no effect to Zanu-PF two thirds parliamentary majority.

"Be that as it may, Zanu-PF points clearly, that the Party does not interfere with parliamentary recalls involving non-members and does not interfere with the running of by-elections, which is a prerogative of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). The Party is more than ready for the by-elections, except that we respect the measures put in place to save lives during these deadly times," said Khaya Moyo.

He also castigated the opposition, whose leaders like Mr Tendai Biti have been fanning politics of tribalism and hate saying Zimbabwe has no place for such warped mindsets.

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