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Hardlife hard done

by Staff reporter
20 Mar 2021 at 07:07hrs | Views
Hardlife Ndlovu's life is hard indeed. Recently he stumbled on used condoms in his wife's car which he believes is proof that she is being bonked outside their marriage.

Things are "hard" for him as instead of showing remorse, his wife is locking him out of the house and threatening to kill him.

Hardlife, who is from Pumula East suburb, has been facing a hard time at the hands of his wife, Amanda Moyo, who is in the habit of insulting him and issuing death threats.

The situation has reached another level as Amanda, who is a money changer operating near Tredgold Court, sometimes leaves the house locked and only returns home in the wee hours dead drunk.

Hardlife said when he asks her where she would be at, she insults him.

To lessen the hardship, he has approached the courts seeking a protection order against Amanda.

"I'm having problems with my wife Amanda Moyo. She locks me outside the house. And I sleep outside the house.

When I knock at the door, she insults me and threatens to kill me," he said.

Hardlife went on to say he no longer feels safe and has suffered enough emotional abuse.

"She comes home in the early hours of the morning very drunk. When I ask her where she would've been, she gets angry, insults me and threatens to kill me," he said.

Hardlife and Amanda, who have been customarily married for more than a year, have no children together while Amanda has two aged five and 14 from a previous marriage.

Hardlife told B-Metro that after the heartbreaking discovery of the used condoms he felt betrayed.

"On Thursday last week I went to a mine in Matopo to sell my stuff and when I came back on Friday I realised that I had left some of my documents in her car.

"As I was searching for them, I touched something soft under the passenger's seat. I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered that there were three used condoms with semen inside. They were still fresh and wrapped in a tissue paper," said Hardlife.

A heartbroken Hardlife said on the day he found the used condoms in his wife's car, she came home late, dead drunk.

He further said early this year he busted his wife with one of her alleged lovers in her car.

"Early this year while I was at home one of her friends phoned me and asked me to come to town to see what my wife was doing. Upon arrival she directed me to a city bar where I found her getting cozy with her lover in her car.

"She apologised and promised me that she would never do it again. She has, however, shown me that she doesn't reform at all. She is always drunk and on weekends she usually sleeps out claiming she will be at her friend's place," said Hardlife.

According to court records, Hardlife did not pursue the protection order and Amanda has filed for a protection order of her own against him.

Source - bmetro