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Joshua Nkomo's son announces his presidential aspirations

by Thulani Nkala
05 Apr 2021 at 13:39hrs | Views
In his groundbreaking interview on MBC, Mr Sibangilizwe Nkomo, the son of the late political icon and nation builder Dr Joshua Nkomo announced what has sent shock waves and tremors throughout and across the political establishment.

Mr Nkomo is seeking to be elected as the ZAPU President.

Mr Nkomo said that in his lifetime he has been forced into exile on two occasions, first by the colonial regime and secondly by the ZANU PF regime during the Matabeleland genocide.

In this informative yet combative interview Mr Nkomo answers difficult questions which undoubtedly were in many people's minds. He tackled head on the issue of dynastic politics and a sense of entitlement. "I do not feel entitled to anything, if it was a dynasty thing my father would have left me the leader of ZAPU, I am my own man" Mr Nkomo profoundly answered and continued "even when my father went into the unity accord with ZANU PF I did not go with him as I felt that the unity accord was a farce from the beginning"

When Mr Nkomo's candidature was first announced it met with fierce opposition, derision and rude insults. He was accused of being a member ZANU PF and not a member of ZAPU in good standing.

The interviewer, Mr Bokani Mlindelwa Vundhla asked him more than once for him to confirm whether he was ever a member of ZANU PF at any level. Mr Nkomo rebutted this statement "the only party I have ever been a member of is ZAPU. ZAPU is all I know".

The progression of time has thawed people's hearts and people are quickly warming up to a Sibangilizwe Nkomo candidacy. History usually does repeat itself, it now seems Mr Nkomo has come to finish the unfinished business. Many people believe that if Dr Nkomo had won the first elections in Zimbabwe that the country would not be as divided and lawless as it is today.  

Mr Sibangilizwe Nkomo emphasised that he does not plan to be in opposition for long as he wants Zapu to take state power through legitimate means. He seemed to be convinced that under his leadership Zapu will be in government. This suggests that he may have the technical know how to help his party regain its glory days.

It was sobering to hear him call for unity to party as well as country. It appears that he is surely answering a call to serve his people. His ZAPU branch has started the ball rolling by nominating him. It is now up to the rest of Zapu members to give him a chance by first nominating him at the coming provincial conferences. After that then there will be business of congress and who knows what next, state house?

Source - Thulani Nkala