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Second Republic out to maintain principles, legacy: Chiwenga

by Staff Reporter
15 Apr 2021 at 06:42hrs | Views
AHEAD of the country's 41st Independence Day celebrations, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said the Second Republic was born to maintain and preserve the principles and legacy of the country's liberation struggle.

In an interview, he said the principles that drove many young men and women to abandon the comfort of their homes should never be sacrificed on the alter of expediency.

"The Second Republic came out of what we had learnt during the liberation struggle that principles are principles and should not be altered."

He added that there was need to maintain the legacy of the liberation struggle and ensure history is not distorted.

"Certain things have to be maintained so that our history, our legacy as a liberation movement and for prosperity should never be destroyed and that is what we stand for in the Second Republic," he said.

He further said the Second Republic leadership is prepared to pave way for the new generation.

"We are here and when our time is over we will go and another new generation will come," said the Vice President.  

In 2017, the Zanu PF Central Committee removed the late former President Robert Mugabe from his post as party leader after realising that some G40 members were abusing him taking advantage of his advanced age.

"Yes, it was the party which led the whole process which brought the Second Republic, but the issues were born out of principles."

Vice President Chiwenga who is a devoted Catholic said he has always  carried his rosary even in the most life threatening situations.

"I kept it religiously and I will always keep it."

The Vice President also chronicled his experiences as the first black commander to lead the 1st Brigade in Bulawayo soon after independence in 1980.

"The Rhodesian Front protested saying we cannot have the First Brigade led by a juvenile, a toddler that cannot happen. My deputy was almost twice my age.

"So he was like a father to me then, but slowly they began to understand, but it was not that easy," narrated Vice President Chiwenga.

Source - Herald