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Man bashes 'bad cook' wife

by Staff reporter
16 Apr 2021 at 09:20hrs | Views
A woman who has been physically and verbally abused by her husband for being a bad cook has rushed to the courts to seek a protection order.

Loraine Dombo of Nketa 7 suburb in Bulawayo initially enjoyed the warmth and love of her marriage in the first three years. But after that things took a U-turn, causing her marriage to turn sour.

According to Dombo her husband Ishamael Nkomo became abusive soon after he started taking alcohol.

He would come home drunk and hurl insults at her in front of their children while accusing her of being a poor cook.

He would not stop at that as he would hit Dombo with open hands and kick her all over the body.

He would also throw away the food that she would have cooked for him, saying it was poorly cooked.

When he is done with his wife, he would turn to the children and bitterly insult them, forcing them to scurry for cover. At times he would beat them.

Dombo had to approach the Western Commonage civil court for intervention to stop her husband from physically and verbally abusing her and their children.

"I'm applying for a protection order against my husband Ishamael Nkomo. He comes home drunk and starts insulting me in front of our children.

"After that he would assault me with open hands and booted feet while saying I'm a poor cook. He would also throw away the food that I would have cooked for him saying it's poorly cooked," she said.

The distraught Dombo said her husband would also unleash verbal attacks on their children.

"After harassing me he would turn to our children and would insult them for no apparent reason, forcing them to hide in the bedroom and would also hit them while threatening to kill them so as to fix me," she narrated.

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Dombo a protection order against her abusive husband and ordered Nkomo to stop beating his wife and children and to also stop threatening to kill his children so as to punish his wife.

Source - bmetro