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ZRP CID mineral department in Chegutu taking law into their own hands

by Shelton Muchena
20 Apr 2021 at 21:55hrs | Views
A chegutu mining Syndicate has raised a red flag against four CID police detectives from minerals department for taking the law into their own hands against a High court order which they were granted

It is alleged that gold invader by the name Spancer Tshuma hired  police officers from chegutu CID mineral and Sakhile Mnangagwa to help him to grab  mining ores.

DS Mining Syndicate has a prospecting licence which entitles it to prospect for any mineral in Zimbabwe. It followed all the due procedure in order to prospect for gold at Queensdale Farm Kadoma.

After finding good samples,, a notorious mine invader called Spenser Tshuma visited the area and threatened that employees of DS Mining should stop prospecting.  This prompted DS Mining Syndicate to take him to Court". 

While the High Court matter was still pending Spenser Tshuma enlisted the support of a police officer, Detective Assistant Inspector Musende to illegally displace DS Mining Syndicate from the area.

This again prompted DS Mining Syndicate to file an urgent chamber against the police officer Musende and the Officer commanding Kadoma district.  The High Court then granted an order against the police barring them from interferring in DS Mining Sydicate operation. 

Realising that the High Court had ordered in favour of DS Mining,  Spenser Tshuma further  enlisted the support of the four police officers mentioned in the complaint letter to illegally terrorise employees of DS Mining Syndicate.  This has forced the lawyers for DS Mining Syndicate to file a  complaint to the Commissioner General of police.

The lawyers have also announced the intention to file criminal and civil charges for contempt of court.  It is not the first time for Spenser Tshuma to invade other people's mines. He once did the same to Kevin Magwada. The other attached order shows how the High Court found Spenser Tshuma to be contemptuous against court processes .

Source - Shelton Muchena