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I'm not going anywhere, I am sick - Appealed Joanna Mamombe

by Fanuel Chinowaita
23 Apr 2021 at 16:22hrs | Views
The incarcerated Harare West Member of Parliament and MDC Alliance National Executive member of the Youth Assembly Joanna Mamombe has fallen ill at Chikurubi Prison.

She complained of a tummy ache and was admitted at a Private Hospital in Harare.

However, while she was in Hospital a team of state agents in plain clothes and some in uniform came and forcibly took her to maximize Chikurubi Prison where she has been together with the Vice-Chairperson of the MDC Youth Assembly Cecilia Chimbiri for about 45 days now without trial.

Joanna was forcibly taken without the admission of the Doctor. Before she was abducted,  there's a video of Joanna Mamombe,  three state agents in plain clothes and two female prison  officers in uniform.

After one of the state agents said, "let's take her." Mamombe said, "Don't touch me, I have never said bad about the prisons, don't start me today. I am not going anywhere, I am a prisoner but I still have my rights, I am in pain, I am not going anywhere.

"You can either inject me to be unconscious so that I get out of here, I am in pain. What kind of a father are you, I'm in pain and I can not go anywhere.

"Everytime I come out applauding the Prisons but today you have showed me the other side, I am not going anywhere. Go and tell the person who send you that I am not going."

The state agents did not listen to Joanna's appeal but they forcibly took her back to Chikurubi Prison.

The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly condemned and demand for the immediate release of Joanna Mamombe and Cecelia Chimbiri.

The following is the part of their statement, "The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly demands for the immediate release from prison of the critically ill Hon Joana Mamombe.

"Mamombe together with our Vice Chairperson, Cecilia Chimbiri have been languishing at Chikurubi Maximum Prison for close to two months now. We demand for their immediate release so that Mamombe can access better health care outside the empty state health facilities.

"Chikurubi has become worse than Adolf Hitler's Nazi Concentration Camps and is now a death trap due to its filthy and squalid conditions. Nomatter the case, the place is just not suitable for human habitation. We have a sad history with Chikurubi and our female comrades following the death of Rebecca Mafikeni in the same facility a decade ago. Mafikeni just like what is happening to Hon Mamombe now was denied access to quality private health care until she lost her life in those empty government facilities.

"There is no reasonable grounds whatsoever why Mamombe and Chimbiri must continually rot in jail when the very same High Court that denied them bail yesterday granted one to Emelda Mazarani who gruesomely murdered her four children in November last year.

"Mamombe is a young female youth leader who possesses a huge following hence denying her access to health care when she is unwell is surely incitement to violence.

"Her release is our priority and matter of urgency! As an Assembly we are not going to tolerate this inhumane treatment of young females manifest before us", Stephen Chuma, MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson.

Mamombe and Cecelia Chimbiri who were abducted, severely beaten and raped last year together with Netsai Marova who is out of custody on bail are facing charges of violating the Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Joanna and Cecelia are struggling to get bail because a Harare High Court Magistrate said they have exhibited the propensity to continue committing similar offences each time they are granted bail.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita