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Soda ululates rehabilitation of Kariba dam

by Tarisai Mudahondo in Kariba
07 May 2021 at 10:26hrs | Views
Minister of Energy Zhemu Soda appreciated and ululated the rehabilitation of the Kariba dam at a meeting  held in Kariba yesterday.

The meeting was held by various stakeholders aimed to appreciate the funders and touring of the dam.

Speaking during the meeting he said, "I would want to appreciate the meeting we conducted here which was aimed at witnessing the actual development on the rehabilitation, reshaping and reconstruction of the dam.

The project is important for the two republics Zimbabwe and Zambia since we share Kariba power station."

Speaking at the same meeting the Ambassador of the European Union Jack Jankowski said," the Kariba rehabilitation of the Kariba dam is a fundamental priority for both Zambia and  Zimbabwe to improve access to clean reliable and affordable energy for all."

Soda further appreciated the funders who comprises of Zimbabwe River Authority, World Bank, African Development Bank and the European Union.

Source - Tarisai Mudahondo in Kariba

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