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ZACC speaks on accused official

by Staff reporter
11 May 2021 at 05:33hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has said it did not receive any formal complaint against one of its investigators, Eric Chacha on allegations of criminal abuse of office following reports the commission had ignored the issue which had been brought to its attention.

According to the commission, anyone who has any complaints against an investigating officer should either approach ZACC or file a report with police so that investigations are conducted.

Chacha was this year accused of obstructing the course of justice and criminally abusing his office, among other allegations. Reports say letters have been written to ZACC and other relevant authorities concerning these allegations and some people have taken to social media asking what action has been taken against Chacha.

Among those who reportedly filed letters of complaint to ZACC against Chacha are senior police officer Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, Chief Superintendent Joseph Josphat Matipforo and suspended Registrar-General Clement Masango.  

ZACC spokesperson Commissioner John Makamure yesterday denied that the commission had received any complaints against Chacha.

"If it's (Commissioner) Makodza, he knows the procedures. He can either make a report to the police if it's criminal or file a complaint with ZACC. We have not received any complaint from him (Comm Makodza) or any other (person).

"And those posting on social media, we have not received any complaints from them. So they should file a report because we can't be investigating every report on social media," he said.

In a post on his Twitter handle recently, one Tongerai Rugare he alleged that Chacha was living through corrupt tendencies and urged the commission to take action.

"I just did a desktop type of lifestyle audit on one of your investigators. He stays 80km from his workplace, drives an estimated 20km in and around Harare. Making a total of 180km a day. His car's consumption is approximately 1 litre to 9km. He requires 20 litres of fuel a day.

"He works an average of 21 days a month thus he requires 420 litres of fuel a month at an average cost of US$1,22 per litre that translates to US$512,40 plus US$4 per day tollgate fees thus an additional US$44 making it US$566,40 per month on travelling.   The estimated combined monthly income with his wife is a total net salary of (about) $60 000 which translates to about US$500 using a rate of US$1:$120. He has a family of four thus requires an average of US$150 for groceries and electricity that will bring his total monthly expenses to US$706,40. That's at the most basic we have a deficit of US$206."

He added: "The next question is how is the officer funding his lifestyle? Answer: CORRUPTION! You don't need a rocket scientist to prove that he is corrupt. I guess this is an easy one to prove."

Recently, lawyers representing Commissioner Makodza wrote to ZACC saying Chacha must recuse himself from investigating their client alleging that he was obstructing the course of justice and criminally abusing his office.

Commissioner Makodza was recently arrested for criminal abuse of duty as a public officer and is out on $10 000 bail. Chacha is the investigating officer in this case. Comm Makodza's lawyers, Nyamayaro, Makanza and Bakasa Legal Practitioners say Chacha must recuse himself from investigating their client since he has a corrupt relationship with suspected land baron Felix Munyaradzi.  

Munyaradzi was arrested last year on allegations of duping stand seekers in Sandton near Westgate in Harare. The lawyers said Munyaradzi was an accused person in a case of fraud were Comm Makodza was the complainant. Munyaradzi and Chacha allegedly communicated on various occasions during the period between December 2020 and February 2021. In addition, Chacha's wife, Constable Fortunate Dube, who is based in Marondera, is also alleged to have been receiving various amounts of cash from Munyaradzi.  

Munyaradzi is also alleged to have paid for the car Dube is driving and is said to have built her a house in Marondera. In February, another senior police officer Chief Superintendent Matipforo filed a report alleging Chacha was obstructing the course of justice and criminally abusing his office in handling his matter. Chief Supt Matipforo was under investigation for bribery and criminal abuse of office after he was allegedly allocated a residential stand corruptly by Harare City Council officers who are under police investigation.

In a letter dated February 12 to ZACC chair Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo, copied to police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, head of the Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU) Mr Thabani Mpofu and Prosecutor General Mr Kumbirai Hodzi, Chief Supt Matipforo said the letter was not aimed at stopping investigations into his case, but to highlight irregularities in the manner Chacha was handling the matter.

Chacha is also the investigating officer in a case in which suspended Registrar-General Clement Masango is accused of flouting tender procedures when purchasing vehicles for his department. Masango is being charged with criminal abuse of office.

Source - the herald
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