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MDC Alliance Ward 17 Councillor maintains roads in his Ward

by Fanuel Chinowaita
19 May 2021 at 06:20hrs | Views
MDC Alliance Councillor for ward 17, Chikanga Dangamvura Constituency and other Party members maintain roads in their ward yesterday.

Unlike Zanu pf members who are highjacking government projects and try to use them as their projects  ahead by elections which are coming soon, MDC Alliance Councillor and members are using their own resources, truck, diesel and other tools.

Speaking to ward 17 Councillor John Nyamhoka he said, "we are maintaining the road not because we are going for a by election any time soon but it is our duty as the residents.

"We used to do it since long back using our own resources with MDC Alliance members without being paid."

In the last weeks Chikanga Dangamvura Constituency Zanu pf Candidate Esau Mupfumi who was reject by by people during 2018 election was seen taking a selfie in front of Road department grader working in ward 17 and posted on social media platforms claiming to the his own project.

A week before the same Esau tried to hijack Council program of free medication and also make noise on social media  claiming to be his project.

In the last election, Mupfumi was heavily defeated by Prosper Mutseyami. People's in the constituency rejects him for his known behaviour of donating things and take them after a defeat and lying.

He is the man who lied that he put Wi-Fi for the Youths in the Constituency yet he put it at the office which he used when he was the Member of Parliament.

He is the man who donated an ambulance at Dangamvura Clinic and also took it after he was defeated.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita