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Angry citizens to destroy Nehanda statue: Prophecy

by Staff reporter
03 Jun 2021 at 07:06hrs | Views
POPULAR Prophet Blessing Chiza has once again courted controversy, and the ire of the government, after his weekend's prophecy predicting the newly-erected Mbuya Nehanda statue faces demolition by restless citizens protesting against economic collapse.

He also sensationally claimed, the iconic statue at the intersection of Samora Machel Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way in Harare central business district will also cause the sudden and unexplained deaths of some national leaders due to accidents, among other calamities.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, last week on Africa Day marked on 25 May, unveiled the Mbuya Nehanda statue in reverence of the late First Chimurenga liberation war heroine.

The event was attended by thousands of people mainly Zanu-PF supporters in clear disregard of Covid-19 restrictions, which bar large gatherings.

However, Chiza, the founder of Eagle Life Assembly Church in Bulawayo, during a Sunday church sermon said the statue will bring misfortunes to the nation as it symbolises worshipping idols, a practice against Christianity.

He prophesied that the edifice, mounted on a fly-over, would soon be destroyed by angry citizens uprising against the deteriorating economic situation in the country.

The controversial man-of-the-cloth claimed his warning to national leaders came from God.

"The Lord is saying; ‘l am not happy with the statue of Mbuya Nehanda that you erected in Harare.' And the Lord is saying; ‘the same way people celebrated when that carved image of idolatry was being put, is the same way people and Zimbabweans shall celebrate when they remove it'," said Chiza.

He added: "That thing is not going to last and is not permanent. The Lord showed me a vision when Zimbabweans were removing that statue. It (vision) has come three times, and when l looked at them when they removed it, l thought they were going to go to a museum to put it, but to my surprise, they went and smashed it into pieces and threw it into the river as they were repenting in the presence of the Lord."

The same celebratory mood that characterised the unveiling of the monument recently, is the same hype with which it will be dismantled, he predicted.

The Mbuya Nehanda's statute is under 24-hour police guard.

He added the statue will haunt senior government officials behind its installation as recognition of Mbuya Nehanda's contribution to the attainment of the country's hard-won independence.

"There is shame, shame, a lot of shame…God said he was one who made Zimbabwe gain victory in 1980 and not Mbuya Nehanda. Tell them that it's me, it's not that image. They must acknowledge my power.

"If they don't, l am going to give them diseases which shall not be cured and put them to shame because of these carved images and idols. All those who boast in idols should be put to shame. Worship God, all you people of Zimbabwe," said Chiza.

Quoting Bible verses including, Hosea 13 verses 2-4 and Kings 17 verse 38-39, Chiza denounced idolatry.

"Therefore, they shall be like the morning cloud or early dew that passes away. So God is saying; ‘l am going to cut their lives short'. Some of them are going to have three premature deaths, some of them through accidents, like chuff blown away from the thrashing floor, like smoke from a chimney."

The clergyman reiterated he will face persecution for being a messenger of the Almighty.

"So today when l am speaking it looks like a joke. Some will mock me, some will criticise Chiza, but l am not speaking out my own mind. I am speaking the mind of God and what God told me."

The prophet is not new to controversy.

He has previously made headlines over a string of correct soccer predictions that earned him the nickname ‘the soccer prophet'.

The self-styled prophet has also hit news headlines for the lavish lifestyle that he lives in Bulawayo.

Source - newzimbabwe
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