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Joy at Chipinge Magistrate Court as MDC Alliance Councillor led to the arrest of Man of the Cloth for Child Abuse

by Fanuel Chinowaita
13 Jun 2021 at 17:47hrs | Views
Chipinge Pastor Samuel Chirume was arrested yesterday for abusing three minor children of her wife.

Chirume who is 42 years old from St Kelvin in Chipinge town ward 8 is Married to a woman with her 3 children. The older child has 12 years, the other one has 8 while the younger  one is 6 years.

It is alleged that Chirume heavily beats these girls and force them to do hard labour of making bricks in Budzi river.

Speaking to ward 8 Councillor Chrispen Rambu who rescued the children and reported the case to the Police  said, "What we saw is so shocking. After being alerted by villagers I went and see the girls. One child has some deep cuts on the head, the other one has wounds on her shoulder while the last girl has a leg problem due to some heavy beatings and hard labour.

"These children have been abused since long back and they used to run to the next door for safety. Sometimes they run to Mr Simango who referred them Village Health Promoter Laiza Mugutsa.

"The Healthy promoter alerted me and we made a police report leading to the arrest of the so called Pastor Chirume.

"Currently, I am at the Magistrate Court, representing as the complainant and parent of the abused children", Said Rambu.

Meanwhile, Chirume was found guilty before Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzi at Chipinge Magistrate Court. He is remanded in custody at Mandukisi Prison waiting for the judgement on Monday.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita