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Dead man's spirit (mis) leads family in search

by Staff reporter
09 Jul 2021 at 12:23hrs | Views
When the alleged spirit of the late Never Tokoda who went missing 30 years ago, reportedly spoke through his sister Mobility Sibanda that Tokoda was killed in a love triangle and buried in Bulawayo some of the family members believed.

The spirit of the late is alleged to have been tormenting Sibanda and she has not known peace since her late brother was allegedly murdered three decades ago.

A family insider said following that revelation, family members consulted Prophetess Muchaneta Dzama (36) who also revealed that Tokoda was murdered in a love triangle and buried in Bulawayo.

Sibanda (40) and other family members that included Hansen Mudzuri (49), Amigo Chivasa (50), Ndafa Muchono (59) and Prophetess Dzama joined hands and travelled from Mashoko village in Bikita under Chief Muzungunye, Masvingo province, to exhume the remains of the deceased.

In the quest to find peace and closure, the family claims to have been led by the spirit to Nkulumane High School in Bulawayo.

It was believed that the deceased's body was buried behind a classroom block.

They scaled over the fence and landed onto the school yard and the spirit revealed through Sibanda that her brother was buried 400 metres behind the toilet.

"I was buried here; I was shot by a man following a quarrel over a woman," said the alleged spirit through Sibanda while pointing to the ground with a staff.

After that they went to Tshabalala police station to seek permission to exhume the remains of their relative.

The source added: "The following day at around 09.30 am ZRP Tshabalala attended the scene, Sibanda showed them the place where the suspected grave was said to be located. They were then told to apply for the exhumation of the body through the District Administrator so that the alleged grave could be dug."

Sibanda further stated that the spirit of her late brother revealed to her that her brother's friend was also buried beside him and was murdered by a person only known as Ndlovu, the source said.

Assigned members of ZRP led by Officer Commanding Nkulumane District, Bulawayo City Council officials, and Sibanda's family members went to Nkulumane High School to exhume the remains of the deceased.

The source said: "An excavator from Bulawayo City Council was used to dig a pit which was almost six metres deep. Sadly, the remains of the deceased were not found."

With sadness and hopelessness written on their faces family members admitted that the remains of their late relative were not there: "Our relative is not here but we will keep on consulting."

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident: "We assisted a family from Bikita under Chief Muzungunye to find peace about their relative whom the spirit speaking through one of the family members revealed was killed and buried in Bulawayo."

He added: "We are thankful for the generosity that was exhibited by BCC and DA in helping the family to find peace and closure as they assisted in digging of the grave where their relative was alleged to have been buried after being killed in a love triangle."

Source - bmetro

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