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MDC T's security department infiltrated

by Staff Reporter
22 Jul 2021 at 15:42hrs | Views
MDC-Alliance has reportedly infiltrated the MDC-T's security department and has dangled some dollars to the security personnel who are currently guarding the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (MRTH) as the tussle for the occupation of the building continues.

A contact within the security details manning Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House (MRTH) revealed to this publication that sometime last week, MDC-Alliance clandestinely met with the security details guarding MRTH and offered them  money and some goodies in the event that they hand over the building to the MDC Alliance.

"They (MDC-Alliance officials) came here promising us a lot of things including residential stands from Harare City Council as well as positions in the MDC-Alliance if we assist them in reclaiming the MRTH building. They told us that the MDC-T is a sinking ship and they are willing to accommodate us in the MDC Alliance if we betray (Douglas) Mwonzora by handing over MRTH to them," said the source.

However, the MDC-T's security details reportedly refused to be enticed by the MDC Alliance and instead leaked the information to Mwonzora.

"The party is bigger than individuals and we refused to be enticed by money to betray our leader Mwonzora and the party. After all, how can we go back to a party (MDC Alliance) that is failing to pay its workers? We are good in MDC-T and no amount of money can make us surrender the building to (Nelson) Chamisa," added the source.

The source added that some of the MRTH security personnel had initially agreed to the MDC Alliance plot and reportedly confronted Mwonzora and threatened him that he should review their salaries and incentives before 24 July 2021 or they would let the MDC Alliance re-occupy the building. However, the rogue security details later apologised to Mwonzora and promised not to side with the MDC Alliance again.
The MDC-T has reportedly resolved to beef up security at the MRTH in anticipation of surprise and violent attacks by the MDC Alliance youths. Mwonzora has also agreed to increase salaries and incentives of the MRTH security team with a view to boosting their morale.

In 2020, MDC-T took over Morgan Richard Tsvangirai following a Supreme Court order that declared Chamisa's leadership as null and void. Since then, the MDC-Alliance has been using different tactics to reclaim the occupation of the building without success.

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