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Villagers complain over Tsikamutanda

by Staff reporter
03 Aug 2021 at 19:29hrs | Views
Villagers under Chief Nhema in Zaka have launched a complaint over a self-proclaimed traditional healer commonly known as Tsikamutanda, who is allegedly abusing little girls and demanding livestock from them.

The Tsikamutanda, who is operating in Muramba, Matara and Chiredzana areas in Zaka East is allegedly forcing villagers to pay him with livestock (goats, sheep, turkeys and chickens), property, household items as well as money, after cleansing them of witchcraft, evil spirits and allegedly getting rid of goblins.

Chief Nhema, born Rangarirai Bwawanda said that they are aware of the issue and have already made arrangement with the police to stop the Tsikamutanda.

"I confirmed the incident three months ago and arrangements were made with the police and Headman Chamburukira to stop the Tsikamutanda from operating in the area. No case was reported to me concerning the collecting of cattle and properties,"said Nhema

It is believed the Tsikamutanda is in cahoots with local traditional leadership and some villagers alleged that on arrival, he was introduced to the community by a policeman based at Chiredzana police base.

A villager who spoke to TellZim News on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation said despite the current covid-19 restrictions that ban gatherings, people are seen gathered and singing for him at his shrine near Matara police camp.

"Due to the increase in number of livestock he has collected from villagers, he has employed six shepherds to look after the herd. Poor villagers are now struggling with hunger.

"So far he is now selling some of the livestock and villagers were threatened that if they share photos of him or his name, they will encounter untold misfortune so they have been suffering in silence for months," said the villager.

Another villager from the area, Austin Chinyadza confirmed that the Tsikamutanda is operating in the said villages, and said he was denied access by some village heads to operate in certain villages.

"I can confirm that what the villagers are saying is true. In our village he was denied access due to his controversial nature," Chinyadza said.

Chinyadza also said that the said Tsikamutanda is alleged to have impregnated a girl from the area, who was doing Grade six and the issue was swept under the carpet.

Source - tellzim