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Suspicions hover over origins of Covid-19 search in US

by Staff reporter
05 Aug 2021 at 05:10hrs | Views
After hundreds of political parties and scientists around the world voiced concerns and firm opposition to the US-led politicization campaign on the COVID-19 origins tracing work, US politicians appeared to not give up their playbook of slandering China.  

But a growing number of questions linger over the US, including unexplained pneumonia outbreaks in the country: Why is the US reluctant to conduct mass testing on its early cases? What happened with its mysterious Fort Detrick and worrisome biolabs around the world?

Why doesn't it release data concerning the sickened American military athletes who attended the world military games in Wuhan in 2019? and what happened in a biolab at the University of North Carolina that lately has become a new focus of public suspicions?  

Over 300 political parties, social societies and think tanks in over 100 countries and regions opposed politicizing virus origins tracing in a joint statement sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) Secretariat recently after global scientists have been calling for a thorough and sincere international cooperation over the origins-tracing issue in which China has set an example.  

It has become increasingly clear that Washington is turning the origins studies into a political manoeuvre as more Chinese diplomats spoke out in denouncing the Joe Biden administration for engaging in a "terror-making campaign" on the matter. US politicians also put the WHO in an awkward position as the US government has been pressuring it on origins tracing in recent months.

On the origins-tracing work, the Chinese Foreign Ministry recently said the US should start with four things, including publishing and examining the data of its early cases, inviting WHO experts to investigate Fort Detrick and its 200-plus biolabs overseas, inviting WHO experts to investigate the University of North Carolina and release the data concerning the sickened American military athletes who attended the World Military Games in Wuhan. Observers and experts said the US should do more amid rising doubts and suspicions, and react to those unanswered questions.  

The international community clearly views the US, which has been hyping the "lab leak" theory and engaging in groundless attacks against China, as responsible for leaking the SARS-CoV-2, one insider said.

Source - Global Times.
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