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Chamisa MDC infighting explained

by Staff reporter
22 Aug 2021 at 14:19hrs | Views
FRESH Storm is brewing in the MDC Alliance after senior leaders are reported to have recommended the expulsion of Gift Ostallos Siziba, the Secretary-General of the MDC Youth Assembly.

One Twitter user with Twitter handle Mhofu @mhofela_mhofu tried to explain what is happening in the Movement for Democratic Change led by Nelson Chamisa.

Below is the Twitter thread.

So let me educate you on why this is a noisy stinking affair in the MDC Alliance & why Ruhanya is lashing out. It's about regime change.

Recall Mbudziyadhura this week trying to re-arrange the MDCA VP assignments - hee Welshman Ncube must not handle external affairs because he lives in Byo njani-njani. Hee Biti must handle foreign affairs because he has experience what what

Always check the motives.

Also recall Mbudzi trying to cleanse Biti of the MDC split in 2014, blaming it on Tsvangirai insteadRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing which is lie.

The correct position is that Biti registered MDCT assets to a separate company, then went to Mandel where he had the Mandel Declaration.


Are you with me so far?The Mandel Declaration was supposed to wipe out Tsvangirai from the MDC to complete a takeover by BITI.

When Tsvangirai dug in, it culminated into a party called MDC Renewal led by Biti and Mangoma. It later split into PDP & Renewal

Now fast forward....

Nelson Chamisa did not assign external affairs to Ncube  & not Biti by mistake. Biti has been in charge of regime change arrangements with foreigners for a long time. This is why he led Chamisa to DC on a sanctions-begging errand in Dec 2017.

Chamisa assigned external affairs to Ncube, and not Biti for a reason. Whats going on is that Biti's lobbyists are agitating to get the foreign handling to be handed back to Biti from Welshman. Do you follow?

So why Ostallos? Whats happening now?

There is a faction in MDCA that believes that Chamisa is moribund, is not radical enough, is always tweeting Bible verses, etc. There are factional undercurrents boiling.

These are manifesting themselves in the MDCA Youth league.

The deep chasm which is growing in the youth group is manifesting itself via factions led by Tererai Sithole and Ostallos Siziba.

Just so you are clear - Ostallos Siziba is the a pillar of the Biti faction.

But lets take a step back...

Let's look at the foreign hand.

Many decades ago, an organisation called National Endowment for Democracy was formed in the US. It is essentially an intelligence organisation fronting many regime change assignments. This article can give you a picture

At the same time, another organisation called National Democratic Institute was formed. They kinda work hand in hand. Sometimes the NED gives money to NDI to handle its activities.

The NDI has handled regime change programs in many countries, Chile, Cambodia, HongKong etc.

So you would not be surprised if the NDI opened an office in Zimbabwe, right?

Yes, they have an office + a director, one Arnold Tsunga. Tsunga was an MDCT MP Chikanga Dangamvura (2013-15)
Last year, Tsunga sought to be appointed a Concourt judge but it didn't happen.

But how is Tsunga & Biti joined at the hip?

Tsunga, together with Biti, was one of the MDCT (MDC Renewal) rebel MPs who tried vainly to expel Tsvangiral from the MDCT in 2014. There were 21 MPs.

In 2015, Mwonzora expelled him & 21 others from Parliament

Prior to 2013 elections, Tsvangirai had tried to stop Tsunga from running in MDC primaries and pave way for Giles Mutsekwa. With Biti support, Tsunga ran anyway, and MDCT fielded 2 candidates in Chikanga - Dangamvura. Tsunga won, and was hauled before a disciplinary committee

So what's happening now?

Now Tsunga is NDI's country director. He is now in charge of NDI's regime change programs in Zimbabwe.

And who is his regime change horse in the MDCA stable? Obviously Cde ZIDERA.

Are you with me?

So when did this project  manifesting itself as a Tereral Sithole/Gift Ostallos/Ngadziore factional fight start?

The possible violent takeover of the MDCA has long been in the works. But the current ruction started in 2020 when Tsunga left Swaziland to come and head NDI.
So why is Pedzi lashing out?

Well, the politics in the MDCA is realligning and whoever is going to fund the broke party will have the muscle. And we know foreigners have the bag.

Frankly, I sympathise with Nelson Chamisa. He is riding a hyena and hunting with jackals.

So what will happen?

Well, keep watching.

And don't get angry on behalf of politicians. Remember to focus on your well-being first - because thats what politicians do everyday.

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