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18 out of 22 ministries have websites

by Stephen Jakes
23 Sep 2021 at 09:36hrs | Views
A survey conducted by the Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights has exposed that 18 out of the 21 ministries have websites.

"The survey results established that:18 out of 21 government ministries have websites; only 13 out of 21 government Ministries have their organogram on websites; of the 18 government Ministries with websites, only 1 did not list its email contacts and only 2 listed provincial email contacts," reads the survey.

"Of the 21 ministries, 20 have Twitter Accounts; All the government Ministries had telephone numbers in their websites and only 4 provided provincial telephone contacts; Only 22% of the government Ministries provided mobile contacts in their websites; A total of 20 ministries have Facebook accounts but only 12 have active accounts with some not updated as from 2017 and All the ministries do not have whatsapp contacts on their websites."

The survey state that  the specific recommendations to individual government Ministries, the survey recommends that all government Ministries have updated websites and new digital media accounts.

"In websites of government ministries, the names of principals and senior leadership and their direct contacts should be displayed. Cellphone and WhatsApp contacts of key focal persons in the government Ministries be
provided for in the websites," reads the survey.

"It is anticipated that the implementation of these suggestions will enhance e-government, civic engagement, transparency and accountability in Zimbabwe thus aiding the protection and promotion of human rights and a strong social contract between government and its stakeholders."

Source - Byo24News