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Shock as July Moyo accused of using juju against Mnangagwa

by Mandla Ndlovu
28 Sep 2021 at 11:22hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan Moyo has alleged that ZANU PF Politiburo member July Moyo attempted to send juju laced shoes to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in an attempt to succeed the ZANU PF strongman.

The act is said to have failed after Mnangagwa's personal sangoma got wind of the matter.

"In 2020 he saw a N'anga on how to succeed ED; was advised to buy shoes; he got them in TURKEY; N'anga put juju on shoes and asked July to give ED as B/Day gift. Plot leaked to ED's N'anga. July delivered shoes in Kwekwe & all OCCULTIC HELL BROKE LOOSE!" Moyo tweeted. "AS JULY delivered his birthday gift package to Mnangagwa at his Kwekwe farm, Auxillia intercepted it to see what was in it; when she saw a fancy pair of shoes, she screamed, shangu dziya, shangu dziya; Mnangagwa then asked July to leave immediately with the shoes, buda, buda!"

In 2018, Moyo alleged that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is involved in black magic that might be the cause of the then unexplained fires that were gutting various places in Zimbabwe.
"ZANU PF old guard is primitive." Prof Moyo said. "Many know that Mnangagwa is into spirit mediums, nyangas and juju rituals big time. The scarf is a juju item. Reports of rituals done in Guinea are from insiders who say the rituals require bloodletting through induced road carnage and atrocities."

Source - Byo24News