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Zimbabwe Constitution an impediment to constititutionalism

by Desmond Nleya
21 Oct 2021 at 19:32hrs | Views
The adoption of the new constitution is undemocratic in Zimbabwe. The failure to separate  the three arms of state in Zimbabwe by the government has hindered the execution of the local government duties.

This observation was made by Chief Masendu of Bulilima District during a kalanga culture day held over the weekend in Plumtree. 

The Chief said while the new constitution brought about positive changes, there are some clauses that however make it difficult for them to be in total control of their communities as custodians of culture.

'In the past we used to have events of rain making where villagers eould converge and dance. Nowadays it has become so difficult for people to come to such events as they have been converted into other religions.

'While we are legally recognised as the custodians of our culture, it becomes also difficult for us to force people to come and observe some of the important traditional events that are important for our people', the Chief said.

The constitution prohibits religious discrimination and provides for freedom of religion, including the freedom to practice, propagate, and give expression to one's religion, in public or in private.

That as the case maybe, the same constitution also state that the chiefs may take measures to preserve the culture, traditions, history and heritage of their communities, including sacred shrines.

'We need to respect freedom of worship as enshrined in the constitution while also having to preserve  our culture which is the background of our identity', added the chief.

Over the years, traditional ceremonies have been gradually fading away due to cultural erosion in communities and if such is left abated chiefs will be left with nothing to preserve.

Source - Desmond Nleya