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'Chin'ono card cloner toady of the West'

by Staff reporter
05 Nov 2021 at 06:38hrs | Views
Political activist Hopewell Chin'ono fraudulently made some money and is always sullying the country's image to get funding and curry favour with his Western handlers, Norton legislator Mr Temba Mliswa and political analysts said.

This comes after Chin'ono was yet again caught pants down after he claimed that the country was lying that 2 500 Zimbabwean women die giving birth annually, after using a picture of a woman who was giving birth on the roadside in what turned out to be another country.

Chin'ono also went on saying that Zimbabwe's biggest hospital, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals only has two maternity theatres built in 1977, only one is working.

Political analyst, Mr Collen Mharadzano said the unbridled lies being spread and originated by this so-called journalist who thrives on vindictiveness on anything progressive for the nation leaves a lot to be desired.

"Now he is exposed for being a shameless liar, misleading gullible citizens who deserve respect for anyone who claims to be a journalist. Isn't time such keyboard terrorists have their day in court for championing hatred and spreading unmitigated falsehoods which have the potential to cause mayhem and despondency in the country?

"Now is the time for the legislature and even law enforcement agencies to scrutinise such uncouth practices which borders on irrationality as potential security threats where offenders should meet the full wrath of the law.

"There is nothing sacrosanct about besmirching one's country through churning out falsehoods which at most are breed conflicts amongst the citizenry," said Mr Mharadzano.

One unique feature about the said character, Mr Mharadzano said, is his avarice for anything anti-Zimbabwean.

He said time was ripe for a Patriotic Act, which interrogates such anomalous tendencies which should be naturally cured at law.

Another Twitter handler by the name Gondai Mutongi described Hopewell as a great liar.

"Hopewell is a great liar. He is an anti-Zimbabwe activist who uses lies to denigrate the country. People like Hopewell are the reason why we want the enactment of the Patriotic Act to be fast-tracked. Shame on you," said Mutongi.

Meanwhile, Mr Mliswa who once stayed in the same location with Chin'ono said the political activist is on the Western governments payroll, hence his relentless attacks on Zimbabwe.

He said the journalist-cum-political activist cloned people's cards and only escaped after cutting a deal with British authorities.

"I don't need to be told anything about you (Hopewell). I know you and you know that. We were together in Slough in the UK with Supa and while some of us went for double shifts you never did. Why, because you made money fraudulently through credit card fraud," he said.

Dismissing assertions by Chin'ono that he is a prominent journalist who cut his teeth working at an international media organisation, Mr Mliswa said Chin'ono made most of his fortune after supping with the devil.

"There was never anything special about you being a journalist as to have the kind of life you have. The reason is that you made money through credit card fraud and selling the country out to the West. Resultantly, you have protected yourself against criminal charges by bootlicking the West whilst attacking your own country.

"Your bitterness with the Government is also about how you lost out on the promised ZBC CEO position. We were together in Operation Restore Legacy as you supported the new dispensation. You had been given assurances that you would take over at ZBC and had even struck some deals with foreign channels. However, that did not happen and you have become bitter," said Mr Mliswa.

This is not the first time that Chin'ono has been outed as a toadying journalist. Recently, a prominent blogger on Twitter exposed how Chin'ono sold-out some of his fellow political activists in the hope of getting sweetheart deals with the Government.

"That has been an inspiration for you to get on the payroll of foreign powers so as to hit back at the government. That's why you are quiet on issues to do with whites whilst you are constantly ranting against the country. It's your insurance against criminal charges from the West.

"You can't be a person who shoots everything about his country down. In Nigeria, @AlikoDangote has made millions but there is no talk of capturing the state which, at times, is an expression of inferiority complex, seeing a successful black person. Be patriotic," said Mr Mliswa.

On his part, Chin'ono said he had no criminal record in the United Kingdom and accused Mr Mliswa of being the corrupt one.

"Unlike you, I don't make false accusations. You were deported from the UK for fraud after you took thousands from desperate Zimbabweans in an immigration scam. You have taken people's properties including from Paul Paulus. Yet you are an MP," he said.

Source - tHE hERALD