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Man rapes 11-year-old daughter, threatens to kill her

by Lloyd Rabaya/ Simbarashe Sithole
07 Nov 2021 at 07:35hrs | Views
A 36-YEAR-OLD Bindura divorcee was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Friday by Bindura Magistrate Esteri Chivasa for raping his 11-YEAR-OLD daughter in October last year.

Prosecutor Gossy Mudambu told the court that in October last year the father, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, threatened to kill his daughter if she had revealed the matter.

During one night, the sex-starved father entered his children's bedroom where the victim and her seven-year-old brother were both sleeping.

He held his daughter's hands and forced a cloth into her mouth and tied it at the back.

The daughter positively identified her father as the light was on, but her brother was dead asleep and heard nothing.

The complainant tried to scream but in vain because of the cloth around the mouth.

The daughter bled profusely after the act, before being threatened with death as a way of concealing the crime.

He then tied her hands and legs all night long so that she would not get out of the room and untied her the following dawn.

In November last year, the complainant and her brother relocated to their grandmother at Timuri village after she had heard that her grandchildren were not being taken good care of.

The complainant developed stomach pains during her stay at Timuri village and told her grandmother.

They bathed together and she saw some white fluids on her granddaughter's private parts.

She asked the complainant what had happened and that is when she revealed the life-threatening act.

Source - Byo24News
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