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UZ student says government cancelled scholarship over vote campaign

by Staff reporter
22 Nov 2021 at 05:58hrs | Views
A youth activist who has been campaigning for the registration of new voters has had his government scholarship cancelled over alleged links with the opposition.

University of Zimbabwe student Allan Chipoyi, the chairman of Project Vote 263, was informed by the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) that his scholarship had been cancelled.

Chipoyi said: "My scholarship had no conditions upon which payment was premised. They are trying to eliminate me from the education system and yet there are no compelling reasons as to why they want to do so."

Chipoyi believes his troubles started after a news story was published which he says projected his organisation as driving an agenda to topple the current government.

"That is not even our agenda, our agenda is crystal clear that we want to help the people of Zimbabwe to vote. I don't know where the confusion is emanating from," Chipoyi said.

The business and finance student said he had engaged a lawyer to take up his case with ZIMDEF.

Chipoyi said two weeks ago he failed to access his results through his student account portal because of a Z$26,000 balance, and he approached the bursary office to enquire.

The bursary office advised Chipoyi that if he was under a ZIMDEF scholarship the due balance reflecting in his account meant his scholarship had been cancelled.

Ministry of Higher and Tertiary education spokesperson Chipo Mayeza said: "I don't know where the issue is being created, but his full fees is being paid by ZIMDEF until he finishes his studies in 2023.

"The ministry's position is that all the available scholarships in our institutions we do not discriminate against gender, sex, race, class or political affiliation. If the student is facing any challenges, he should visit the ministry."

Chipoyi insisted: "If they paid as she says, it means I'm no longer going to face any challenges accessing my results or face registration hurdles. But we know that's not the case."

Chipoyi and the Project Vote 263 director Youngster Matete were arrested in Gweru on Tuesday after they mobilised transport for 30 people in Mkoba and ferried them to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices so they could register to vote.

Source - ZimLive
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