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Women capacity building programme launched at Whawha prison

by Staff Reporter
24 Nov 2021 at 16:22hrs | Views
FEMALE Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) officers have been challenged to take advantage of the government's empowerment initiatives to eradicate poverty.

The Young Women for Economic Development has partnered women at Whawha Prison complex in Midlands province in a deal meant to capacitate female prison officers and spouses of their male counterparts in various business initiatives.

Under the programme, the Young Women Economic for Development will spearhead resource mobilisation and facilitate skills transfer in a bid to enhance the whole value chain from production to marketing.

"We are very grateful to all women in this complex who have already started somewhere. We are so happy because you have already started your business initiatives meaning we have a solid foundation already.

"We need to up the game now on how best we can take our products to the right markets getting maximum value out of it. Packaging is very important as some people are attracted to a bottle of water in a supermarket shelf," said Farai Sipani, Young Women for Economic Development Chairperson.

"As women, we need to stand together and help each other realise our dreams. One of our downfalls is the pull her down syndrome. We need to do away with jealousy if we are to succeed in our endeavours. Our project is very clear as it is apolitical meaning it's open to every young woman in the country," said Honourable Mavetera.

The government says it will continue empowering young women across the country in line with the National Development Strategy 1.

"The support from government is coming, I will unbundle that support so be ready to handle it. We want to locate women in the tourism sector, manufacturing sectors, agricultural sector as well as mining sector. Here in the midlands, you have so many mines we are saying women should take up ownership of those claims and look for investors and also take ownership of those mines and as a ministry, we will train you so that you can begin to work as cooperatives," said Honourable Mhlanga.

"We are witnessing huge strides aimed at empowering our women. The President has made his point clear that no one is going to be left behind in our development thrust. We are witnessing the promises through the various initiatives to empower the previously marginalised," said Senator Larry Mavhima.

The event also saw the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa who is the patron of the Young Women for Economic Development donating maternity beds and cases of bathing soap to inmates at Whawha prison through her Angel of Hope Foundation.

Source - ZBC