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Gwakuba Ndlovu family receives national hero conferment

by Staff reporter
28 Nov 2021 at 07:55hrs | Views
THE family of the late nationalist and journalist, Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu, yesterday officially received the conferment of his posthumous national hero status.

Ndlovu died of a heart ailment aged 87 at the United Bulawayo Hospitals on 16 July and was buried at the Lady Stanley Cemetery in Bulawayo.

Ndlovu was declared a national hero by President Mnangagwa in September alongside fellow liberation struggle stalwarts Cdes Rabelani Choeni, Elliot Ngwabi, Professor George Kahari and Professor Sheunesu Mpepereki.

In a ceremony held at Ndlovu's Trenance home, Minister of State Bulawayo Provincial Affairs and Devolution Judith Ncube presented the Gwakuba family with a letter conferring the late war veteran and scribe with national hero status.

"His Excellency, the President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF ED Mnangagwa has conferred a National Hero status to the late Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu who died on 16 July 2021 and was buried at Lady Stanley Cemetery, Bulawayo," the letter from Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu read.

In her speech, Minister Ncube thanked the Ndlovu family, particularly his wife, Mrs Caroline Gwakuba Ndlovu, for their patience as they waited for the declaration of his national hero status.

"It is a great pleasure to be in Ndlovu's home on this day because we have always been proud of his work and all that he achieved in his life. Nothing is ever too late and everything has its own time.

"That is what we are seeing today. We just thank the Lord for preserving to see this day come to fruition because the devil is always hard at work.

"I would also like to thank Mrs Ndlovu for her patience. She once called me and said what should I do my daughter and I remember I asked her to be patient. I told her that as soon as she held the right papers, she would initiate the processes that could lead to what we see today.

‘‘We are here to thank Mrs Ndlovu for her patience and also to say that we are proud of the gallant work that her husband did. We also thank the Government for this resolution that it has made," she said.

In an emotional speech, family representative, Mr Obrien Gwakuba Ndlovu paid personal tribute to President Mnangagwa for honouring the late Ndlovu.

"I don't know what I can say but because of having a President that is so understanding and loving, I have been brought to the point of tears.

"On behalf of the Gwakuba family, I ask our political leaders and representatives here present today can go back  with our heartfelt message to the President ED Mnangagwa because we appreciate what has been done today," he said.

Ndlovu has been was described as a rare breed of journalists whose skills were developed and sharpened by the liberation struggle.

Ndlovu worked as a journalist in the country before crossing the border to Zambia where he served as the director of Publicity and Information of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) between 1964 and 1978.

He was also the founding editor of a magazine that was published by the party. In 1972, Ndlovu was sent to the Soviet Union by ZAPU for military training and participated in the liberation struggle. After independence, Ndlovu worked for Chronicle and Sunday News before joining Munn Publishing Company where he was the contributing editor and regional manager responsible for Matabeleland, the Midlands, Masvingo, Botswana and Zambia.

Source - The Sunday News
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