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Man cheats to avenge wife cheating dream

by Staff reporter
03 Dec 2021 at 05:23hrs | Views
IN a dramatic turn of events, the wife of a Ntabazinduna man in Matabeleland North province who was accused of teaming up with her alleged lover to abuse her husband, has revealed explosive details of their failed marriage claiming her husband was the one who was cheating on her typically as revenge after dreaming of her cheating on him.

Apolonia Mushayavanhu said her husband Joachim Mushayavanhu was the one who was cheating on her and was also constantly abusing her. She said the abuse started after he woke up from a dream saying he was convinced that she was unfaithful and as a "response" to those alleged infidelity accusations he also started cheating on her.

Apolonia's revelations came after her husband told B-Metro last week that she was regularly beating him up as punishment for exposing her 10-year extra-marital affair with a senior police officer based at ZRP Ntabazinduna Training Depot (name supplied).

"My wife is cheating on me with a senior police officer and she is always beating me up as punishment for exposing the affair. They are always phoning each other in my presence and sometimes the police officer comes to our house to pick her up.

"As if the cheating is not enough, my wife physically abuses me badly during arguments and keeps hitting hard.

Whenever she hits me, I don't hit her back because she always wants to look like a victim," said a devastated Joachim.

He claimed the senior cop had also on several occasions told him that his wife was finally his and that he should forget about her.

"I'm not sure if this was a marriage or a battleground. All these forms of abuse are done as a way of fixing me.

Whenever we had a quarrel, she would phone her lover who would then send his juniors to threaten me," he said.

He further said what made him come out of the shell were events that happened on 6 October 2021 when his wife wanted to kill him with an axe.

Apolonia, who seemingly terminated a call last week after this reporter told her he was from B-Metro, came out guns blazing and accused her husband of lying. She refuted all the allegations levelled against her saying Joachim was the one who was abusing her and cheating on her.

"I didn't drop your call; it was the issue of network. It is not true that I am engaging in an adulterous relationship and for the 38 years we had been married I had never cheated on my husband.

The senior police officer he claimed I am in love with, is actually a family friend and his wife who is now late was like a sister to me.

"Joachim is actually the one who is cheating on me saying he now wants a younger wife. Before he approached your paper, he was always threatening to fix me and the day that story was published he celebrated saying his mission had been accomplished," said Apolonia.

An aggrieved Apolonia further said she slapped her husband with a protection order three weeks ago because she feared for her life.

"He is now cooking and washing on his own saying I should not cook for him or wash his clothes because I was cheating on him with a police officer.

He is the one who is constantly abusing me and that is the reason I ended up approaching the Bulawayo Civil Court and sought a protection order against him.

"The abuse started after he woke up from a dream in which he claimed I was cheating on him. In that dream he claimed he was shown the picture of that police officer he is accusing me of dating," said Apolonia.

Joachim, however, maintained that his wife was cheating on him with the senior police officer in question.

Source - B-Metro
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