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Apostolic sect seeks to cash in on followers

by Staff reporter
24 Dec 2021 at 02:30hrs | Views
AN apostolic sect is seeking business ventures with food manufacturers in a deal that would see some products bearing the logo of the religious group.

In a letter to food companies dated December 8, the Apostolic Product Certification of Zimbabwe (APCZ) said it decided to join the market after seeing the growth and success of third-party certificates.

APCZ chairperson and founder Obey Mapanga said food companies that trade mark their products with the religious sect's logo would boost their brand and business by tapping into their three-million member following.

"APCZ has developed a world-first certification process which identifies that products produced by your company are in fact able to be consumed by the followers of the Vapostori faith with a clear conscience," Mapanga wrote.

"APCZ is confident that many Vapostori will seek products that bear our organisation registered Trademark upon food products.

"This is the way to attract the largest demographic of Zimbabwe to your products while promoting unity and inclusion across our great land. Our team would be pleased to share our process and fees for services provided."

APCZ sent letters to Surface Wilmar, Dairibord, Tanganda, National Foods, Irvines, Colcom, Inscor, Kefalos, Surrey Abattoirs, Pure Oils, Probrands, and Cairns Foods requesting certification.

"Once certification is finalised our religious organization then promotes certified products and the companies producing them to our broad consumer market by creating awareness that companies who gain certification also care deeply for the Vapostori consumer, thus ensuring less people feel left out when deciding on what they should or can purchase while shopping."

Mapanga said: "If they (food companies) can recognise Halal for Muslims which is a tiny minority, then we as the biggest demographic have now risen to this."

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe