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Zifa call for probe into SRC conduct

by Staff reporter
29 Dec 2021 at 05:23hrs | Views
THE suspended Zifa executive committee has called on the Government to institute an open inquiry into the conduct, motive and decisions of the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC).

In a five-page statement, the suspended executive committee tore into Gerald Mlotshwa, accusing him of being power hungry and bent on destroying football and causing damage to the country's image.

It said the SRC was "blood thirsty" and must be stopped.

"The Zifa board therefore calls for an open inquiry into the conduct, motive and decisions of this SRC board, which it believes is anti-development and has acted against national interests. Its actions are tantamount to deliberate sabotage of the sport, persecution of individuals within Zifa by some individuals within SRC, confusion creation and a display of ineptitude in the regulation of sport in our country.

"The Zifa board therefore sincerely calls on our Government not to be misled by the SRC board and urges them to help the nation evade these potential but unnecessary and avoidable sanctions on our beloved game which are being invited by the SRC. We call for urgent intervention by Government to stop this SRC sojourn to destruction on premise which under any circumstances cannot be factually, objectively and legally justified," the statement reads.

It said allegations by the SRC have so far yielded nothing as they have been "exonerated by several courts in Zimbabwe and most recently by Fifa on these frivolous and malicious allegations from the SRC". "The Zifa executive committee therefore reiterates its commitment for normalcy to return and has no desire for any negative consequences on our football such as banishment of Zimbabwe from football activities, but also firmly believes that its reputation, which was unfairly tainted by false SRC allegations, must be restored.

"The board reiterates its earlier consistent and proven position that it never abused any public funds nor did it fail to account for any, as the entire US$53 000 from the SRC was fully accounted and acquitted to them in 2019. No mismanagement of funds took place at Zifa and our clean audits from both statutory and Fifa central review are testimony."

The executive refuted claims that there was promotion of female referees abuse, claiming that the two complaints were handed over to the Zifa judicial committee, whose findings, however, remain unknown to date.

It said it was saddened by the unwavering blood thirsty actions of the SRC to illegally dissipate lawful football structures where they are already angling on punishing Zifa delegates on the basis of matters that are before the courts at the behest of SRC chairman Mlotshwa and former Zifa president Phillip Chiyangwa.

"That the SRC can ignore court acquittals to these delegates is clear evidence of how desperate they are to destroy football in Zimbabwe. The SRC has wantonly violated, in recent days, their own Act.

They have illegally usurped legislative powers by creating their own laws, misinterpreted simple and very clear existing laws, disregarded existing laws in their quest to punish football; refused to partake in a meeting with Fifa and failed to provide evidence on any of their allegations.

Desperate efforts to sway public opinion on an otherwise rational decision by Fifa through suggesting that Fifa supports unlawful practices such as abuse of public funds and sexual abuse of female referees makes for sad reading and must therefore be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

"The question every objective person must be asking and demanding answers to is why the SRC has not reported to the police such transgressions which are clearly criminal in terms of Zimbabwean laws."

Source - The Chronicle